Monday, May 28, 2007

Ottawa Marathon 2007 Race Report

I thought I wouldn't do it. I thought I couldn't do it. I felt helpless to change my mother's situation - I could not make her better. I felt lost. In my sadness, I deferred my race.

But then my friends said:

"You can do anything you put your mind to."

"Where the mind is willing, the body will follow."

I had an epiphany.

I realised that if I don't feel hopeful and believe entirely in the power of the mind, then how can I expect her to do the same? I cannot help my mother be strong if I am not strong myself. How would I be able to support her if I have already tumbled to the ground? I pulled myself together, dried my tears, and drove out to Toronto.

It was great to see her smile. The kids and I gave her hugs. I asked where she'd like for us to travel together ... she's never seen the world. I told her we'd need to start planning since she was going to get better.

Upon returning from my mother's, I felt sad all day. I needed something to shake me up and WAKE ME UP from this horribly glum state. I needed to run, and so I did ... 25 km.

Then I *knew* that I could do it, that I would do it ... I wanted to ROOOAARR!! I needed to prove to myself once again the power of the mind ...

The Ottawa Marathon was back on again.

My friend, GB, who had originally planned to run this marathon with me but couldn't, had a change in his weekend plans and decided to come out to support me. I convinced him to sign up for his first race too, a half marathon :-) Thank you for making sure I got back home safely, GB ... I am so proud of your fast 1:37:00 time ... You totally rock!


Wake-up: 5:15 am

Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana and tea

Clothing: Long-sleeve shirt covering the nifty official race tank top and tights

Marathon start time: 7:00 am

I elected to use my triathlon bib belt as I did not know where to pin the race bib. I dropped the idea of wearing my water bottle belt as I needed to be as light as possible and did not want to feel encumbered. It was difficult enough knowing the kind of challenge that faced me. I would be running 42.2 km with only 186 km of training during the past two months ... or rather 4.4 km training per km racing. (Or as TB says, "The most for the least!") There are marathon training programs that average that kind of mileage over two weeks of running. I had stretched it out over eight weeks ...

I figured I'd arrive at the race site just before the race started. I had no choice ... it's incredible how humming and hawing about what to wear can quickly waste time. On my walk over, I felt overdressed and contemplated turning back to change into shorts. No ... no time left. I didn't want to miss the start.

I made my way to the assigned corral based on my prediction when I registered, though I knew that this race would be much slower than originally planned. I would finish BOP, back-of-pack, instead of MOP, middle-of-pack. I had no time to find a position farther back ... The horn sounded and off we went!

Uphill start but I tried to take it easy, purposely not stressing out at the realisation that I was even less prepared for this race than for the NYC Marathon, where I still had some residual Ironman fitness left in me. I was quickly passed by the faster runners but I didn't care.

From the race website:

"The 1/2 and full marathon courses are scenic and flat with very few elevation changes. Considered to be an excellent course for first timers and those looking for a personal best."

HA!! I beg to differ. There were way too many of those little Gatineau hills and I knew that my quads would pay the price later with lactic acid build-up. I had neither speed nor strength. My legs would neither lift any higher nor would they turn over any faster. I stopped four times during the first half of the course for pee breaks ... what was with my over-active bladder? Good thing Ottawa is renown for its greenery since I only found one port-o-let.

I wanted to run faster but somehow felt like I had shifted into "reflective cruising mode" and was actually enjoying the reverie. Other runners wanted to talk to me and I answered politely but I didn't feel like talking or running with anyone. I wanted to be alone.

My body had found the catharsis that I needed and inside my little bubble, I collected my mental strength, not just enough to finish, but more than enough to support my mother on the next leg of her difficult journey with cancer. I needed to create and feel HOPE and ACCEPTANCE within every particle of my being. Hope to help her heal and acceptance to be able to enjoy every moment we will have together.

Warm sun, shirt off, cold wind, shirt on ... More clouds set in and I was glad that I had chosen tights over shorts. Light mist, shirt off ... ahhh, how refreshing ... but my hands are so cold! Blow on them ... Slippery roads ... rain rain go away ... shirt on ... Medic, do you have any gels? Only chocolate? Ewww!

When the marathon joined the half marathon course, it was a little disconcerting being passed again by so many, but at the same time, strangely uplifting, as these runners with more energy than I also gave me energy, and I soon found myself running their speed though I had started 12 km ahead of them. When the two race paths separated, my sudden solitude was made sharper knowing that I had the hardest part of the marathon still ahead of me. I was tired, my bunions hurt, my shins were tight, and my quads were crying out in pain.

I tried to relax as much as possible and focused harder on the mileage countdown. Unlike most of my past marathons, I didn't curse angrily in my head nor did I question my decision to run or wonder if I would ever race again. I accepted the pain.

38 km ... 40 km ... 750 m left, I sped up ... 500 m left, I sped up some more ... 200 m left and I gunned it to the finish, lifting my legs as high as I could, pumping my arms with equal determination, and cutting through a throng of racers.

How does one describe the utterly incredible feeling of completely challenging the body, mind and spirit?

Another day. Another marathon, #12! Another shiny race medal. And my heart and soul are once more full of hope and strength and courage :-)

I love you so much, mom.

Chip Time: 5:04:50
Placement: 2765/3115
Split @ 10km: 1:14:19
Split @ 21.1km: 2:35:32
Split @ 30km: 3:39:38

For those who are curious, yes, I did do a negative split ...
21.1-42.2km: 2:29:18, faster by 6:24

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shiny metal things that spin!

I changed my mind ...


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Shhhhh !!

I finally got out yesterday morning for a little jog, 4.5 km, my typical short route in the neighbourhood ... just enough to loosen my quads from all that recent aching! Woohoo!

Hey folks ... I've got a s-e-c-r-e-t, na na na na na nah!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

My legs are STILL sore!

No running, no cycling, no swimming today.

Catch up day for meetings, calls, paperwork and little things that pile up. Anyway, my quads still hurt and I thought it wiser to let them rest a bit longer. Alright ... the truth is, I didn't budget enough time for my tasks ... DANG! I really wanted to swim and cycle!!

Happy Belated Birthday to my wonderful friend,CM!

The evening's menu:

We started out with Sangria on the back porch ... appetizers were the orange slices as we finished our glasses ... Hic!

- Zucchini and carrot with garlic
- Spicy shrimp and baby chive omelet (chives courtesy of my mother's garden)
- Chinese sausages
- Thai scented rice

No room for dessert! :-)

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Because I needed to ...

Last night, I went for a 25 km run on the mountain. Felt good to clear my head and overcome the inertia created by my sadness.

Total uphill = 8.8 km, total downhill = 8.8 km

The rest was flat, thank goodness! I could feel the lactic acid buildup in my quads as I hit the pavement coming off the mountain. Ugh. My quads are still sore ... but what can I expect from not having run for nine days, with my last run being a paltry 4.5 km? You may ask me, how do I do it, that kind of mileage out of the blue? Simple ... I don't think ... I just do.

Today, I swam. Jumped in the pool and did 60 laps straight, 1500 m. It was like meditation and pleasant like a stroll in the park on a sunny day. Then I cooled down with another 10 laps, 250 m. I would have swam longer if I had had more time.

Total swim = 1750 m

I feel my mojo brewing ... :-)

I checked out a film tonight Away From Her starring Gordon Pinsent and Julie Christie. She is a total babe.

I hope to have those kind of babe qualities at her age, 66 ... and if I'm lucky, maybe I'll actually qualify for Kona too since there won't be many women in my age category for Ironman ... well, maybe I still wouldn't qualify since I'd have to do the miles and that is my pitfall. Ugh.

Maybe I should just hang around, relax, sip tea, and just look good ... no, make that HOT.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekend in Toronto

Went back to Toronto with the kids to visit my mother. It was really nice to see each other since it's been a few months ... I have two words to describe our weekend:

1) emotional
2) filling

Here are some pics of us at supper in a neighbourhood Chinese restaurant. Yum yum!

Notice that my oldest is wearing his Ironman t-shirt :-)

On the menu:

- Pork broth soup with carrots and potatoes
- Spicy beef and green beans (this was the best!)
- Fried tofu with Chinese mushrooms and broccoli
- Chinese broccoli with garlic
- Deep fried pork chops with onion

My mom is also the best cook in the world! I must have gained a few pounds from all the fantastic meals she prepared for us ... she even made me her special chicken soup to take home with me.

I had brought my running gear but just couldn't fit it in, though the kids and I did make it out to a pool. It was crazy full of people enjoying a long holiday weekend.

I got kicked in the eye socket so badly, I thought I was going to pass out from the pain, but I managed to blindly tread water and make my way over to the edge of the pool. Even when I got kicked in the face during Ironman, I didn't hurt nearly as much. I was actually suprised not to have a black eye, though my eyeball is still sensitive if I push on it through my eyelid.

It's moments like this that I realise how graceful a swimmer I've become. The man swimming beside me in the deep end was flailing in every direction, completely oblivious to those around him. He had an extremely messy kick, as I found out in the worst way.

My question ... how in the heck could he not realise he kicked someone as hard as he did? Or maybe he was too engrossed in his swimming prowess as he travelled the 10m from one edge of the pool to the other. I am sure he was proud of himself. He attempted some butterfly too. I shuddered as I sat on the edge of the pool still recovering from the pain of being violently hoofed.

Awesome moment of the day: watching my youngest do a swim test to be allowed access to a certain part of the pool. He swam two widths of the pool doing front crawl ... and I realise how hard this must of been for him as he doesn't really know front crawl, and he also had his head out of the water the entire time, meaning he must have had terrible drag from his legs. What effort just to get to use a less crowded section of the pool ... and he did it, no questions asked, no doubt in his mind that he couldn't.

I was so proud of him! Hmmm ... perhaps I see an Ironman in the making ...

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

How much can HOPE buy someone?

When I moved to Montreal, I had just finished high school and the only person I knew was DL, who I had met that summer in French Immersion while in Montreal, and who, by the way, is still a dear friend of mine though he moved to Toronto. I had two bags and my sewing machine. I had no money and no place to live. A kind friend who I also just met at French Immersion loaned me rent.

I went through first year university as a typical super poor student since I had a $1500 dentist debt for which I had to make monthly payments. It didn't help that I had school and books and my apartment and food to pay as well. I remember the week I had $8 for food, no credit and no money coming in. I scrimped on what I ate and made it through the week with some bucks left over.

I still know how to make a delicious meal with very little.

Many times in my life, I have had to start from scratch, like ... after leaving my alcoholic first husband, when I had no job and no money ... I painted the apartment then spent Christmas and the day after that, yes, Boxing Day, my birthday, alone. I was happy to at least have a couch since I didn't have a bed. And a kind friend bought me groceries as a Christmas present. That friend, MS, is still a good friend.

Fast forward through lots of times when I didn't have enough work therefore, no money ... I had chosen a hard path. I wanted to be an ACTOR. I've known I wanted to be this since I was a kid and went against all cultural conditioning to become "that doctor" ... though I've played both a doctor and a nurse in different films.

Fast forward again and I found myself a single mom with no work, no money, two toddlers, having to find a new home and restart a flailing career. The break-up is an ugly sad story that you'll have to read about yourself in my book one day ...

Zip, zip, zip ... time flies by quickly, I realise how fast but have no easy way of slowing it down ... zoooom!

First marathon. Rebuild career. Sons get taller - they are so handsome! Raise money for charities. Mother ill. Bad car accident. Ironman. Mother gets new liver. 11th marathon. Injuries from accident healing. Mother ill.

"What's the point?" you ask ...

How much can HOPE buy someone?

I think THAT is one of my most precious gifts ... the ability to hope and the ability to believe that I can make things happen. I realised a long time ago that things weren't going to happen by themselves. And I learned to NOT be afraid or think that I shouldn't or couldn't.

I know it is "I will", not whether "I can or can't".

One may ask, "Why me, why now, why this?" but no answer could ever change anything that is actually happening. Things just "are" and how one decides to accept or change something is where one's HOPE lies ... it's what you decide to do with the situation.

HOPE is the ability to evoke change, whether it is within oneself or within a situation. And maybe the change we evoke, whether within or outside ourselves, will shine a beacon bright enough to illuminate someone else's darkness.

I was speaking with my good friend GB the other day about how life is a puzzle ... will we ever be able to find all the pieces, do these pieces belong together or will I have to cram them all together? What do all these pieces mean? What picture am I creating?

The edges of the puzzle are your soul. And you decide the picture ... yes, YOU decide the picture.

Swim training yesterday:

- I slipped into the pool and swam for 21 min., just one tuck turn to say I did it, and the rest touch turns ... nice and easy, then I finished off with some back crawl

1000 m front crawl + 50 m back crawl = 1050 m = some respite from my sadness

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The End of the Ottawa Marathon Experiment

Due to unexpected bad news, I am cancelling my Ottawa Marathon Experiment and have deferred my race until next year.

My mother is ill again. Her cancer has returned and she has tumours in her lungs. I am sure that her still healing from the liver transplant complicates things ... I am beside myself with grief.

She told me this news on Mother's Day, having only just found out recently herself. What a crappy day to discuss this ... I have been crying and exhausted since ... don't want to run, don't want to ride, don't want to swim, though I suppose doing any of these three would be good for me right now. All I know is that I will need to be as strong as possible for my mother which means needing to back out of the Ottawa Marathon.

There are more important things on my plate right now.

Wish me luck on the long 6-hour+ drive back to see her ... I'm still afraid of highway driving since my big accident. Please send positive vibes to my mother as we await news from the hospital about her condition and possible treatment ...

I am anxious to hold her in my arms and tell her how much I love her ...

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!

My sons and I ate this scrumptious but oh-so-bad-for-you lunch to celebrate this special day ... Montreal's famous smoked meat sandwiches!

It was supposed to be a reward for a long run but somewhere between Norah Jones' exquisite concert last night and the kids this morning, I only managed to squeeze in ...

Ottawa Marathon Training: W7, Day #1

Planned Run: 32 km
Actual Distance: 4.5 km


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Saturday, May 12, 2007

I've just got to go run a quick errand!

Thursday: Ottawa Marathon Training - W6, Day #3
Planned distance: 21 km
Actual distance: 20 Km

Well, it was actually a little over 20 km, but I had a few walk breaks in there ... needed them desperately. It was 29C outside and the sun was blazing.I had ran downtown to a doctor's appointment and then ran back via "the mountain". Montreal is definitely not a flat city.

Friday: Swim training
5 x 200 m = various drills: kick, pull-buoy, one-arm crawl, swimming on side
5 x 200 m = front crawl
20 sec. rest inbetween sets
Total swim = 2 km

Followed by an evening of three hours of super fun swing dancing!

Saturday: Ottawa Marathon Training - W6, Day #4
Planned distance: extra day of running to try to make up for my lazy bones
Actual distance: 4.5 km

I ran to go pick up my car at the garage after they failed to change my winter tires since they had broken my mag lock key ... the LAST time I'd gotten serviced by them!! The mechanic had failed to tell me this, obviously to cover his total incompetence at stripping both the mag lock AND the key.

Ottawa Marathon Training Summary: Week #6
Planned Mileage: 59 km
Actual Mileage: 35.5 km

Not what I should have run, but still a 29.1% increase from last week's total of 27.5 km.

I went to watch my Coolrunning friends do an early evening race, the "Défi du printemps" or "Spring Challenge". It was strange to be at a race and not be in race gear, but heck, I was on my way to a Norah Jones concert!

It was a nice race course through one of Montreal's main parks, starting and ending at the Olympic Stadium. Here's KZ doing a 10k!

Special kudos to LA for her first ever, a 5k! She's bib #1310.

It was interesting to finally be on the spectator side of a race ... I screamed words of encouragement to as many runners as I could as I passed them on the park paths on the way back to the car ... their smiles and eyes said it all, and I only wish that more spectators had turned up.

So for those who have ever volunteered at a race or gone out to cheer us athletes on ... THANK YOU!!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

If that's what it friggin' takes ...

I brought my run gear to work today, planned to run during lunch again, but a colleague coerced me to join him (oooh, my rubber arm!) Georgeous day outside but glad it became a little cloudy later in the afternoon. Hot blazing sun is not good for running.

And neither is a big heavy backpack.

I figured this was my penitence for not running at lunch. And of course, since the after-work run was impromptu and motivated by guilt, I had to figure out how to stuff EVERYTHING into the bag. If I had planned ahead, I would have not brought my purse full of useless things or would have brought a sandwich and not half my Tupperware collection. Add on top of it, a bottle filled with water. Fortunately, I realised how stupid that would be, to run with a very heavy water bottle in my backpack too, so I chug-a-lugged most of it, leaving just enough for drastic measures during the run. No blazing sun to fry me, but it was still plenty hot and humid ... 27C!

It took a lot of coordination and double checking before leaving the office. I realised as I was running up the long steep 1.5 km hill that it would have been much simpler to just go home and THEN run. But I figured this was for the better ... I wasn't hungry for once and had psyched myself up to run, heavy bag and all ...

It's like when I run marathons and I know I haven't trained nearly enough. No, I don't cancel. I'm just too psyched already to do it and since I don't really care about time, but rather just love the whole experience, I can always count on me to pull through to the finish.

The mind is stronger than you think.

Ottawa Marathon Training - W6, Day #2

Planned run: 10 km
Actual distance: 6.5 km

I cut the distance tonight in preparation for tomorrow's hoped-for run ... Wish me luck!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


True story, too true ...

My upstairs neighbour after just having arrived home from work today, was startled by noise at the front door, which she had only closed just 30 seconds before. A strange man had followed her into her house and was in her vestibule. She told him to get out and he mumbled something about, "Isn't this so-and-so address?"

Get real, Mr. Loser. If you are familiar enough to the house and occupant to be comfortable enough to walk in unannounced, then you'd certainly recognize whether or not you'd made the mistake of entering the wrong house. Heck, you would have already known before opening the door! If this was an unknown house and address as per your reaction, then why the heck did you not knock or ring the buzzer?!?!

My neighbour was very upset and rightly so when she ran downstairs and told me what had just happened. She wished she had screamed at the top of her lungs to "GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!" but she hadn't because of her polite nature. Besides, she was too much in shock. All she had done was back him out of the doorway by presenting herself as a barrier until he left. She regretted not having been more assertive and less of a victim.

Thank God nothing bad happened to her, but it gave me enough willies to decide not to run in the dark tonight. And tomorrow, I'll look around before I walk into my house. Hope my neighbour will not be too traumatized ...

Well, at least I ran yesterday, even got up at 5:20 am to do so, since I had lots of work to clear off my desk as well.

Ottawa Marathon Training - W6, Day #1

Planned distance: 28 km
Actual distance: 4.5 km ...

... Hey, cut me some slack ... I was supposed to do a long run Sunday but it's hard to fit in with the kids, etc. At least Monday's run was a tempo run ... I think ... Well, I ran faster, does that count?

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Who ARE these people I supposedly look like?

Oooh ... I'm not doing too well ... My experiment is failing miserably ... I have no discipline ... How was I ever able to do the Ironman?!?!

Ottawa Marathon Training Summary - Week #5

Planned Mileage: 48 km
Actual Mileage: 27.5 km

This represents an 11.3% drop in mileage from last week's 31 km. I have a feeling this marathon is going to hurt more than New York where I still had some residual fitness leftover from training for the Ironman. OOF! A work colleague told me today that I have balls. I remember when my buddy MJ told me the same thing last year.

Ahem ...

Now for something fun and silly ...

And who especially is this Sammi Cheng girl. Google says she's a Hong Kong pop star. You tell me ... do we look alike? Heck, all Asians look alike ... right?

Who do YOU look like?

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Friday, May 04, 2007

The Irongoddess

What a beautiful spring day today! This kind of weather calls for comfy casual. Good thing I presently work in an office that has a relaxed dress code. I slipped on some cotton slacks and my super cool Ironman black short-sleeved collared shirt.

Co-worker: I googled a friend yesterday.

Silly Sally: Have you ever googled yourself? I used to think everyone could find themselves on Google, just because I’ve got stuff on Google, until I tried looking up my friends.

Co-worker: Oh? What kind of stuff do you have?

Silly Sally: Well, I have a blog.

Co-worker: Cool, what about?

Silly Sally: About my training and other stuff … I was part of a charity team for Team Diabetes and did a big triathlon, the Ironman.

Since it was such a nice day, I had packed my run gear so that I could train during my lunch break. Interestingly, I met a nice runner named Dave.

Silly Sally: Wow, that looks like a heavy backpack. What are you training for?

Dave: Nothing right now, but I’ve done one marathon and a few half Ironmans.

Silly Sally: Hew wow, I’m an Ironman.

At the end of the work day, I turned off my computer, grabbed my purse, and took my super cool Ironman jacket out of the closet. On the back are embroidered the words:

SWIM 2.4 miles BIKE 112 miles RUN 26.2 miles

Ottawa Marathon Training – W5, Day #3
Planned distance: 18 km
Actual distance: 5.5 km

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The Ironman

I took this joke off my Coolrunning Multi-Sport board ... Enjoy ...

Before I started to train for an Ironman, I bought a training plan; I read books on hydration and fuel replacement, I listened to endless hours of advice from elite and pro triathletes. This information did help me finish, but it did not teach me how to correctly brag about being an Ironman.

My friends and I came up with a six phase program which will aid you in bragging about your Ironman . Use this plan from the moment you register until well after the race is complete for the most bang for your bragging buck.

Sign Up Phase:
For most Ironman events, you have to register up to one year in advance. This gives you plenty of time to brag about doing an Ironman. During this phase, you must let all of your non-Ironman friends know you can't hang out with them anymore, because you just signed up for an Ironman. If you don't have any Ironman friends, then go to a place where runners or bikers hang out. Look for the Ironman symbol (M Dot) on their training clothes. An Ironman would never be caught running or biking without their Ironman stuff.

Training Phase:
Training for an Ironman can be compared to having a part time job. You must let everyone you meet know this. This can be accomplished by sighing loudly at work, mumbling how tired you are because you just biked 100 miles, because you are in training for an Ironman. You can also skillfully steer the conversation with your neighbors and co-workers to your Ironman training. Here is an example:

Neighbor: "Did you hear what President Bush said this week?"
Lee: "Were you aware that President Bush is a biker? I just biked 100 miles today. I am training for an Ironman."

Co worker: Lee, are you working late tonight?

Lee: No, I have to get up early to do a 20 mile run.

I even once rang my neighbor's door and when he answered, I said "Sorry Bob, can't talk to you now, I am training for an Ironman."

One Week before the Race Phase: You need to let your neighbors and co-workers know you will be gone for a little while, competing in an Ironman. Once again, you can steer the conversation to your Ironman race.

Neighbor: "Wow Lee your lawn looks great!"
Lee: "My lawn is going to look bad this next week; I will be competing in an Ironman."

Race Expo Phase:
You must buy as much Ironman merchandise as possible. For years we saved our money to send both of my boys to private college, but sacrifices must be made. Both Derick and Ty will be going to junior college now. You must buy enough Ironman clothes to cover every day at work and training. You must also buy plenty of shirts for your spouse and children. They will also spread the word that you just finished an Ironman.

The Race Phase:
At you can setup automatic emails and cell phone message notifications of your Ironman timing splits. You can use all of the entries in your email and cell phone address book. Include everyone regardless of whether they remember you are or not. It just does not matter, because you are an Ironman.

Post Race Phase:
The finisher medal can be worn for one day per the number of miles raced and everyone knows that an Ironman is 140.6 miles. So wear that medal for 141 days (always round up as opposed to rounding down your finishing time). Your children must be trained to say, "My daddy is an Ironman. He gave me this shirt. He's an Ironman." This must be emphasized over and over with your children. I did not do this after I ran the Boston marathon, and Derick, my oldest boy, told everyone at his day care that his grandma ran the marathon.

Your spouse must memorize all of your splits (swim, bike and run). You must also include both transition splits as well. Instead of wearing a shirt which states, "I am with Dummy", your spouse will wear a shirt which says, "I am with a stud Ironman". All conversations must be steered to your Ironman race.

Co-Worker: "Did you hear about the new work policy?"
Lee: "Nope, I did not; I was racing in an Ironman."

For at least one month you can say, "Well, I 'm only going to run easy today, I just did an Ironman." When someone brings up a subject of hardships suffered, you need to remind them that you also have suffered through hardships while training and racing in your Ironman.

You can also use these ideas to brag about other races, but please only brag about races which are longer than 13.1 miles.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rock on, JC!

I got me a new running buddy ... my infamous swimming buddy, JC!! Woohoo! And he was suuuch a good sport tonight, running half my run with me. He had called me up for a swim but I told him I needed to run. He had run a half hour yesterday so I was surprised that he said he'd join me. He's a newbie runner and I know that it can be quite difficult running two days straight when one is not used to it. Heck, even I try to avoid it ... note my 1 to 3-day/week marathong training schedule.

I was very happy to have the company and didn't mind slowing down a notch or two, even walking for a minute or so, just to give JC a chance to recuperate. This is the farthest he's ever run and he did a mighty impressive job ... Congrats, my friend :-) I'm so proud of you. It's a good thing you didn't know what kind of distance you were in for ...

Ottawa Marathon Training - W5, Day #2

Planned distance: 5 km
Actual distance: 14 km

This may sound good but it really isn't. I'm just trying to make up for Tuesday's missed run due to a super bad allergic reaction. An emergency visit to the doctor's and now I'm now on lots of meds. Don't ask me what I'm allergic to, I wish I knew! This extremely itchy rash covered over 50% of my body. My skin felt like it was on fire, stretched out too tightly from all the inflammation.

Jonathan and I talked about training and races. This will be his first foray into triathlon this summer. He's joining the tri team I belonged to next month and will be aiming for a sprint triathlon later this summer. I'm sure he'll have lots of fun.

We made jokes about running marathons and how hard they are. I told him that I used to get mad at myself (for choosing to run another marathon) and curse out loud when it got really tough. I remember asking myself "Why do you do this, Bonnie?" and ponder if I'd ever run another marathon, "This is it, this is the last one, never again. F**K!!"

I stopped cursing and asking myself questions a few marathons ago. This especially showed with New York where I wasn't even nervous the night before as per usual marathon routine. I just accept that it's gonna hurt real bad and that I'll probably never lose the marathon bug. Bad addiction. I'm afraid that the same thing might happen with Ironman ...

Problem is ...

I like to race but I don't like to train.

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