Friday, September 29, 2006

Descent into indulgence ...

I've had a hankering for ribs recently, and not just any ribs ... ribs from Baton Rouge. I thought that I might be able to convince my buddy TurtleBoy to join me for some last night but he dissed me for a friend who needed some tech support and left me ...

... S-t-a-r-v-i-n-g ... sniff, sniff.

Late this afternoon, I met up with KillerChops who wanted my advice on some office shopping he wanted to do. He suggested I stay for supper. I told him "maybe" since I had to get back into town to do some things, then I asked him what he planned on making. He said he'd pull something out from the freezer. I asked, "Do you have any ribs?"

On the way over to Bureau en Gros, KC pointed out the Baton Rouge in his neighbourhood. Great. Taunt my craving. When we parked, KC noticed the nearby Harvey's and said he could go for one of their burgers. I told him I would go if I could get some onion rings.

SS: A burger and rings might get rid of my craving for ribs.

KC: No ... Ribs will get rid of your craving for ribs.

Into the Bureau en Gros we went, then out a little while later, KC a happy consumer ...

SS: Alright, let's go to Harvey's ... dinner will be done and then we can do other things.

KC: No, let's go to Baton Rouge.

SS: (huge drooling grin)

We happily inhaled our ribs and all the fixings that go with them. I think my body still thinks it's in Ironman training by the copious amounts of food it can ingest. Actually, I WISH my body was still in Ironman training just so I know I have the RIGHT to eat amounts like that ... sigh ... Not the healthiest meal but it was soooo worth it!

Hour swim in a neighbourhood pool with KC shortly afterwards. Some drills but mainly laps. I gave him swimming tips and tried to teach him to balance his body better to not create so much drag.

Ribs + swimming = UGH

Only one way to make it worse and that is to further indulge with Krispy Kreme donuts afterwards.

Glazed Cruller

Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled


Glazed Lemon Filled
Cinnamon Apple Filled

New York Cheesecake


and of course, the Original Glazed!

Half a dozen please, which means three each!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Back on the mountain


Met up with some Montreal Coolrunners at 10am at the monument. Beautiful day, warm but a little humid. Time for a friendly group run ... and time for me to try to get back into a routine. There were six of us - Kneejerk, Roly, Mr. Lambchops, Steph, JoeBoxter and me. The deal was to run to the chalet and circle the path around the cross. I quickly got left in the dust because of my wretched lack of training but the kind Roly kept me company. I told him to run ahead when we got to the chalet and opted for the lazy 8k version of our Mount Royal run instead of the planned 11k one, which everyone else did excpt for Steph who beat us all as he whipped out an extra loop at the top to make his route 13k.

I did something to me knee a few weeks back and it still has a painful twinge - remnants of a recurrent running injury I have not seen for over a year. Hope it goes away. I took advantage of my little break to relax my cardio-fatigued heart and do some stretches. Break over ... I joined back up with the gang and was "forced" to run down faster than my legs wanted to just to have some company. Ugh ... Little did my friends know I was a-hurtin' a bit lest they think that I'm Wimpwoman and not the Ironwoman they've grown to love ... he he he ...

Chops confessed to me that he and Mars, another runner, weren't sure that I would even complete the Ironman race, thought I might not make the swim cut-off or get into trouble because of my weak swimming abilities ... he he he ... I proved them wrong and blew them both out of the water ... AND ME TOO!

How the heck was I ever able to do what I did and become an Ironwoman ?!?! I am presently Slothwoman and ever so proud of it. (I say this as I stroke my growing belly - boy, I love to eat.)

Thursday, ahem, today

No other training news at all this week unless swing dancing Monday and Tuesday nights count. And last night, TB and I did some walking and shopping downtown. Does that count? Oh it's just way too easy to lead a sedentary lifestyle ...

I should actually be training for the NYC marathon but it's SO hard to get back into training ... I need some encouragement folks ... Someone please come kick my butt!!! Quickly!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I think I still have that swim thing ...

After another 13-hour + day on set, I decided to head to the pool for a little 40 minute relaxed dip. Hit the pool at family hour but there were still two lanes for laps. I felt really fast and "professional" what with being the only person who had any real technique ... I felt like I swam amazingly well ... comparatively :-)

Then off to a friend's house for BBQ pork chops, asparagus and rice. It's good to have friends who can BBQ. Yum yum!

Friday, September 22, 2006

When it rains, it pours ...

I think that's how my life is ... never just a little busy, always a lot busy and in fact, too busy. I don't understand how people can say, "I'm bored - I have nothing to do."

I'm actually writing this from the set of STEAK, a Quebec-France co-production about a futuristic society in 2014 that is obsessed with plastic surgery. Sorta like how it is today, except in this film, people walk around with post-surgery bandages totally unashamed because it's an everyday occurrence and very commonplace.

We're shooting outside. Yesterday I completely froze my butt. Not even the borrowed down coat between takes could warm me up. Today I came prepared and brought an under layer for my costume. Lo and behold, today it's beautiful and sunny outside, and comfortably warm. No need for those special little feathers. We'll see later this afternoon though - I see clouds rolling in ...

Word of advice for wannabe actors who are playing extras:

- If the costume or make-up people dress or do you up a certain way, please respect that. Do not adjust the style or how something is worn; do not add to or alter your make-up. You do not know what has been decided between the costume & make-up people, the stylist and the director. Leave your egos at home ... you can and will eventually piss someone off. Do you want to continue working on other sets?

- A good crew forms the backbone to a good film actor and ultimately a great film. Please be professional - they let you do your work, please let them do theirs by respecting them.

- Just my two cents from years of experience in this field ...

On another note:

I thought about running as I drove back home from set last night after a very cold and exhausting 13-hour shoot that started at 6:00 am. Up at 3:30 am, I had managed to slip in a lucky three hours sleep before doing some work on a writing contract before heading out the door for set.

Ugh, needless to say, I didn't end up running, but did coerce myself to drop by the YMCA pool and swim for 25 min. How was I ever able to survive that 4km swim leg of the Ironman?!

One thing that I still have to wrap my mind around is that I am no longer specifically triathlon training. My season is officially over - no more triathlon races for me this year.

I am supposed to be gearing up to run the NYC marathon November 5, but the thought of just running is B-O-R-I-N-G. Guess I've been spoiled by tri training. Why can't I still do it all? Maybe I'll "tri" ... Argh ... bad joke ...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I did it !!!

I dragged my sloth butt out the door tonight and made myself run for almost half an hour. My legs felt like they were turning over fast enough though my feet told me otherwise. That's alright, some training is better than none and I have to start (ahem, restart) somewhere. It's hard to believe I was ever able to do the Ironman. Was that just a dream?

Scurried off to dance class with Dance Conmigo. I'm learning waltz and cha cha lead with this great teacher named Cheryl. My friend CM convinced me to go with her and I figured I owed it to her for all I've subjected her to while learning to lead West Coast Swing, my favourite dance in the world.

Then off to a late supper with Marcus ... mmm ... rib steak & belated race celebrations for both of us ... a great combination!

Monday, September 18, 2006

There's a bee in my car!

Great, I got into my car this afternoon and drove off ... then very quickly realised that there was a bee in my car! I couldn't have opened my windows quicker but the pesky little thing didn't want to stop circling my head. Great ... me being deathly afraid of being stung on my face or head while driving on busy St-Denis Street.

The bee finally flew out though the window and I released a huge sigh of relief, my heart still pounding furiously ...

Thought about running and swimming tonight ... just "thought" about it. Ugh. I have no discipline.

I can't believe how hungry people were!

Great turn-out for my little get-together yesterday ... about 30 people, including little ones. Mine and KilleChops' friends, my special CoolRunning friends, and our families. Can't believe how much everyone ate, but hey, the food was amazing! Thank you to all the guests for bringing such delicious food to the potluck! :-)

It was quite enjoyable to see everyone hanging out right by the food table waiting for the new additions. I have never been kept so busy at a party just taking care of food and therefore, as per usual hostess fashion, didn't get much time to talk to anyone, but I am very happy that everyone enjoyed themselves.

Montreal CoolRunners: TurtleBoy, Silly Sally, Kneejerk, RunningGag, Ralf


GB, Flirt, KillerChops, Silly Sally, RH


GB, KillerChops, AC, Silly Sally, GZ, SY


DOH! I forgot to take a picture of the food table !!!

On another note ...

SY brought some special bracelets to the party. She's created a company, Midorimango, to help fund Crohn's and Colitis research and also to help people's awareness with these diseases. I have a good friend who has Crohn's and a close family member who has Colitis - it has been difficult for them to deal with these diseases, but due to medical treatment, they have both now stabilised these very painful and difficult diseases.

Please lend your support by buying one of Midorimango's fabulous trendy bracelets ... I and many others at the party bought one :

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Celebrate good times, c'mon!

Just finished baking another cake, a cake of champions. My CR buddies and I, and a bunch of my other friends, have lots to celebrate. My Ironwoman Journey, their races, birthdays, love, life, and happiness. And of course, the return of sunny, warm weather. How fabulous for a party!

Word of advice:
Do not mix Rice Krispie squares with your bare hands.

1) You will burn yourself. There is nothing hotter than burning wax except for melted marshmallows. When you realise this fact, it will already be too late.

2) Your hands will become clouds of gummy Rice Krispies and the only way to get out of this predicament will be to have your children or yourself eat your hands free or scrape them with a knife, which one can't do easily with burnt marshmallow cloud hands. My kids didn't seem to mind the snack. Hmmm ...

So that's it for now. No training today albeit the beautiful day, too much to prep for the weekend "fiesta" as my son called it. Got a walk in to the park though ... absolutely gorgeous today and surprisingly warm. KillerChops reminded me that I had raced in temperatures 10C warmer just a few weeks back. How quickly my memory deceives me ...

Friday, September 15, 2006

I have not forsaken you ...

Sorry folks, I've been sick the past few days and this medication to get rid of this infection is keeping me from eating, which is a good thing, since if I ate something, I'd probably throw it up.


No training this week. Wanted to go swimming today but wasn't sure if I would toss empty cookies into the pool. Didn't make it out the other day either when I was just coming down with this ...

RR is still being written, in a piece-meal fashion mind you but it's coming, it's coming ... Patience, my friends :-)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9-day headache ... OUCH!!

Yes, folks, you have read that correctly. I am going on 9 days now and I think I will buckle under and take some codeine. I had given up with that a few days ago but my present tolerance level for pain is nil, especially when it is causing nausea. Been to the physiotherapist's twice since it started, which helped, but it's not enough. Next step will be the massotherapist's.

And all this from a few too many hours working on the fund-raiser in front of my computer early last week. Still can't sit for long periods after the car accident. In fact, sitting upright is the hardest and most painful thing to do. In addition, that I'm not really training is not helping ... neck and shoulder muscles are stiffer than usual, blood not flowing as quickly through my body, none of that lovely endorphin effect. I will try to run and swim today and get back on track ... that is if I can get this headache to subside a bit.

7/10 on the pain scale. I will try to eat albeit the nausea. Maybe it will help.

Yes, Df, the RR is coming ... had a heck of a time uploading all the photos onto this blog site.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


No, no, sorry to get your hopes up ... no race report yet ... just wanted to tell you that I am elated that I finally got a short run in. Just 25 min. around the neighbourhood. Sweated a lot but legs don't actually feel like they did anything ... I mentioned to KillerChops that what I needed to do was run Sunday's Montreal Marathon. I was making a joke but he took me seriously and didn't bat an eyelash ...

Good luck Sunday to all my CR running mates - you all ROCK!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What !?!? You STILL haven't done your race report?!

Alright, I've been inundated with people asking me that question, and once again, I will say it is on its way (at least in my head). Been way too busy with the fundraiser to find the precious time to write a coherent and riveting one ... Been too busy to run or swim or cycle even ...

Spoke with Dirk, my trainer, last night. He asked me how I felt and I said "recovered" to which he replied "I don't think so." He informed me that it would take a good 4-5 weeks to fully recover, and this I believe as I dragged myself off my couch this morning feeling like death after pulling a white night working on the charity event.

I told Dirk my legs have been itchy since last Thursday and I'd feel better if I could go for a half marathon run. He asked me what I've been doing exercise-wise and I told him NADA.

"Hmm, You've got PIS."

Yup, Post-Ironman Syndrome. Feels weird not to do those 3+ hour workouts every day ... I am a SLOTH.

See you tonight at my Lock & Key event - it'll be a blast. Confusion is a great restaurant and the food and pleasure factor will be fantastic! Get ready to shake your booty!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just for you, Matt, and my other CR buddies ...

Here's my IMC finishing shot until I get my RR up ... thanks for your patience ... What an incredible day!

The picture doesn't quite capture the full effect of my having charged into the finish after a negative marathon split, which I still can't believe I did. The photographer missed my jump into the air, but caught my landing ... and more importantly, my R-O-A-R !!

Monday, September 04, 2006

What I have been up to ...

Eating, sleeping, working on my Sept. 6 fund-raiser (it's moved from Vertige to Confusion - check the website for details), sleeping, more eating, lounging, lollygagging, trying to upload photos on Blogger, thinking about what to write for my race report, more sleeping, and feeling the itchy leg syndrome as I think I've recovered now and could use a good run or cycle but feel L-A-Z-Y ...