Monday, September 09, 2002

Quebec Marathon - August 25, 2002

Well, about a month ago, my friend, Richard, and I got to talking about how our running and injuries were coming along.

To give us some motivation, I came up with the idea:

"Hey Richard, how 'bout we train for and run the Toronto Marathon this October? If we start now, we should be fine by marathon time."

To which Richard replied:

"Hey, how 'bout the Quebec one at the end of August?"

I laughed heartily at this incredulous idea ...

So as crazy as the idea was to run a marathon after only a month training ... we did it! (Mind you, we cursed each other during the run, more my cursing him though, I'd say!). But as Richard said, "Bonnie, consider it a training run for the upcoming marathons ..."

Yeah ... right.

So that's it, folks ... To those few who actually knew I was planning to run this, thanks for not making fun of me but rather for supporting me in this lofty endeavour of proving that I am still alive.

And thank you to my lovely children, Toulouse and Gustav, and to my sweet friend, Nadine, for those last final cheers that helped me to end triumphantly with a burst of speed, my arms thrown up in the air at the finish line. Thank you Richard for being lunatic enough to convince me to do this, and for waiting patiently for me at the finish line, albeit your own fatigue. And thank you, Dirk, for having believed in and supported me always right from the seeds of my first marathon last year.

Now, you do not want to know about Richard's and mine last conversation about running ... I think I'm in trouble ...

Here are my results (not as fast as my previous marathons, but hey, I only had a month training!)

Gun time: 4:37:16.5
Chip time: 4:36:28.4
Pace: 6:35 min/km

Overall placement: 951/1214
Gender placement: 148/211

0 - 21.1 km: 2:11:25
21.1 - 42.2 km: 2:25:52

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