Monday, July 12, 2010

This Ironman training is killing me!

Let's just say ... it's been REAL TOUGH.

It's well-known that training for and finishing an Ironman takes mental fortitude.

That, I got.

I look at my training schedule and don't feel at all intimidated. In fact, my mind is now so warped and "used" to long-distance training that cycling 100k is really not that far and when I see only two hours marked in my schedule, I say, "Pfft, that's nothing."

It's ironic. Somehow in the "doing" part, meaning the actual training, there is a disconnect between my mind and my body ... Somehow my body doesn't react the same way my mind does to this training.

It screams out, "I'm so FRIKKIN' TIRED!!"

Lacking base fitness due to my broken shoulder (which is, by the way, STILL healing), it was probably not the smartest idea to jump right into the midst of the training program I used for Ironman Canada 2006.

First of all, I was sorely lacking any decent training in all three sports and really only started back up slowly, very slowly end of March/beginning of April.

Secondly, my weak attempt at rebuilding base became a truly dismal attempt for three weeks mid-May to early June because of too many 13hr days on a film set. Great for the wallet, it's always nice to know I will have food and rent, but real hard for getting back into shape!

Thirdly, the training program I used in 2006 was pretty intense. I had had a horrible car accident in February and could not train at all for two months. I then restarted training to regain my fitness base and by June, I started my three-month (13-week) program that my trainer, Dirk, had designed for me.

This time round, I've jumped right into Week #3 of that same intense program but with less base than in 2006!


Swim: 1h 50min
Bike: 10h 30min, Total = 247km
Run: 3h 18min

TOTAL TRAINING = 15h 38 min

I can't believe how exhausted yet exhilarated I feel that I'm doing it, I'm actually OFFICIALLY in Ironman training mode! My legs are heavy and sluggish ... sigh.


Swim: 1hr 50 min
Bike: 6h 45min, Total = 155km
Run: 1h 24min


A bum knee took me out by Thursday. I had injured myself slightly last week while running when I had stopped suddenly to avoid being run over by an inattentive cyclist on the sidewalk. So my 1h 40min scheduled run unexpectedly became 20 min. I figured it was wiser to play safe rather than sorry since there was a LOT MORE training to go. I also skipped the 45 min. spin planned for that day.

I lay low for the rest of the week, no more running and I decreased my swimming and cycling. I secretly revelled in this extra rest as I enjoyed down-time with my kids.

WEEK #3 (Recuperation week)

Swim: 1h 35min
Bike: 4h 15min, Total = 102k
Run: 1h


I am officially on vacation with my kids. Even doing a "light" training week has been difficult and I find I've been missing workouts. Oh well. The kids and I had fun :-)

I can't seem to get enough sleep.


Swim: 2h 48min
Bike: 8h 55min, Total = 212k
Run: 2h 45min

TOTAL TRAINING = 14h 28min

Alright, this week has gone a lot better, albeit the incredible heat wave. Sleeping was horrible and training felt even harder than the first week but I made it through with only one run of 1h 45min entirely deleted from my program. I'd gone out for supper and was still too full by the time midnight rolled around, when it would be cool enough to run. Yes, I am a night owl. And I don't relish running in the HOT sun when the humidex reads 41C/106F.

I finally started training on Ingrid, my Cervelo P2C tri-bike. She's still quite new and embarrasingly, only has slightly more than 500km on her (including today's ride, and IMKY in 2008). Can you tell I did not ride her much last year?

Today's evening ride, in cooler weather (only 29C/84F !) was incredible. Ingrid and I were on FIRE!

My legs felt tired for the first 30k but then they really warmed up and the rest of the ride was fantastic. Most powerful I've felt all year cycling, and by the time I got back after 100k, my legs didn't feel tired and in fact felt springy. MILESTONE! This means I am starting to adjust to harder training.

I also came back home with at least two dozen dead flies stuck to my bosom. They'd flown down my braless top. I made sure to take off my top in the bathtub to shake it out and a huge dead fly fell out along with remnants from the smaller ones. Ick ... real ICK.

Alright, this night owl has a 7am work day start tomorrow, I should try to get some sleep. But I really wanted to share my first month of IM training with you.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied :-) Today was the training I needed to feel that I could actually finish this race again. YAY!

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