Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's simple.

I haven't blogged 'cause I'm barely training. Call it Sloth Mode but it happens every year during the holiday season. In general, I'm not one for keeping schedules and routines since I lack dedication and discipline, but recently, I've had some good reasons to be running, cycling and swimming less.


I've never gone far away for Christmas but finally did recently to the French Alps. A little intimidating for this snowboarder who hasn't visited many ski hills but quite the experience ...


Friggin' 2nd degree burn.

My forearm touched the oven door as I was turning roast potatoes. What you see here in the pic is Day Four, and it's looking "good" having just been freshly washed. Damned tape gave me contact dermatitis though!

My burn wept and bled for almost two weeks and hurt like the dickens even when covered. Boo hoo. I couldn't sleep properly at night, not knowing where to put my arm and having to take pain-killers. Needless to say, this burn didn't bolster my training mood. Obviously no swimming as water made it sting horribly but I did manage a few short runs, even though it did hurt to move my arm.

This week, I'm now back to almost daily short runs of 25-35 min. and tomorrow, I'm going to the pool! My skin is much better and I no longer need a gauze covering. Yay!


Do I really want to put my bike on my trainer? I haven't cycled since autumn ... Let's approach this daunting task after I manage to incorporate the swim ...

NEXT ... the P90X!!!

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