Saturday, May 12, 2007

I've just got to go run a quick errand!

Thursday: Ottawa Marathon Training - W6, Day #3
Planned distance: 21 km
Actual distance: 20 Km

Well, it was actually a little over 20 km, but I had a few walk breaks in there ... needed them desperately. It was 29C outside and the sun was blazing.I had ran downtown to a doctor's appointment and then ran back via "the mountain". Montreal is definitely not a flat city.

Friday: Swim training
5 x 200 m = various drills: kick, pull-buoy, one-arm crawl, swimming on side
5 x 200 m = front crawl
20 sec. rest inbetween sets
Total swim = 2 km

Followed by an evening of three hours of super fun swing dancing!

Saturday: Ottawa Marathon Training - W6, Day #4
Planned distance: extra day of running to try to make up for my lazy bones
Actual distance: 4.5 km

I ran to go pick up my car at the garage after they failed to change my winter tires since they had broken my mag lock key ... the LAST time I'd gotten serviced by them!! The mechanic had failed to tell me this, obviously to cover his total incompetence at stripping both the mag lock AND the key.

Ottawa Marathon Training Summary: Week #6
Planned Mileage: 59 km
Actual Mileage: 35.5 km

Not what I should have run, but still a 29.1% increase from last week's total of 27.5 km.

I went to watch my Coolrunning friends do an early evening race, the "Défi du printemps" or "Spring Challenge". It was strange to be at a race and not be in race gear, but heck, I was on my way to a Norah Jones concert!

It was a nice race course through one of Montreal's main parks, starting and ending at the Olympic Stadium. Here's KZ doing a 10k!

Special kudos to LA for her first ever, a 5k! She's bib #1310.

It was interesting to finally be on the spectator side of a race ... I screamed words of encouragement to as many runners as I could as I passed them on the park paths on the way back to the car ... their smiles and eyes said it all, and I only wish that more spectators had turned up.

So for those who have ever volunteered at a race or gone out to cheer us athletes on ... THANK YOU!!

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