Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Guilt-free and loving it!

I have the utmost admiration for athletes who juggle work, family, friends and disciplined training.


I can't seem to figure it out ... I haven't been doing more than the odd short, and I mean short, run or quick half hour swim. Mind you, I've taken on a second play project and I've had more dancing than usual recently with a Jive dance event (like sprinting with no finish line in sight) and a West Coast Swing workshop last weekend. Check me out with teachers Larry and Heidi Mongeau who are exceptional dancers!

Maybe I do too much ... Funny, I've already realised that my comfort zone lies in my being busy, in making plans and executing them ... It's not what kind of plate I can spin in the air, it's how many different coloured ones I can spin all at the same time ...

But like everyone else, sometimes I just have to ... STOP.

Last Wednesday, instead of doing my planned swim, I chatted with a girlfriend without multi-tasking at the same time, and then watched a WHOLE HOUR of television ... and you know what?

It felt good and I feel absolutely no guilt. :-)

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Not that hard to figure out ...

One night, coming home from rehearsal, it suddenly dawned on me why I wasn't training.

That particular day, I had worked 9 hours non-stop at my day job and then rushed off to a 5-hour play rehearsal in which I landed one of the leads. Throw in almost two hours travelling time and I come up with a grand total of 16 hours. Then throw in time needed to shower and get ready and eat and look over my lines and I'm already running a major sleep deficit. Yes, it's been intense with rehearsals since we had a public reading recently ... sorry I didn't have time to invite you all ... just too busy to BLOG!

Who has time to train?

So that's what my past two weeks have been like ... busy, busy, busy. Lots of dancing too, since I went off to Cape Cod for "Swingin' New England", a West Coast Swing dance convention. Nothing like visiting the ocean, which was right behind the hotel. Incredibly serene ... lovely.

Some have said to me that I've taken too much on my plate and I totally agree. But hey, that's how life is sometimes and it's difficult to pass up interesting opportunities.

I did take the opportunity to go for a short dip in the pool yesterday though I couldn't swim lengths since it was family time and I was playing with my kiddies. There's something to be said though for staying familiar with the movement of water around you, and also for movement IN water. You have to "feel the water", my trainer friend, Dirk, always says.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's been one of those weeks ...

Seems that when it rains, it pours ...

Super full week ... work, dancing, play rehearsals (I landed a lead!), film premiere, audition, Montreal Coolrunners meet-up, what else was there? Training, did I hear training? Nope, I think that must have been a figment of my imagination. Doesn't help that I have enough stuff on my plate that if I didn't sleep, I'd still have too much to do ...

Oh well ... but I did get in a little swim tonight!

Went to a cool film premiere this week ... "China's Sexual Revolution" ... I did a few of the women's voice-overs (i.e. translations for the radio talk show host and Muzimei, the blogger). Fun project, great documentary. It aired on CBC tonight and will be airing again on CBC Newsworld Saturday, November 10 at 10 pm. Don't miss it!

That's Josh Freed, the filmmaker, in the middle of a bunch of cool Asian actors.

Funny, I'm too busy to train these days but am really looking forward to when my life will slow down a bit so I can get back into a training routine, I miss it ... How many months left before IM Louisville? Hmmm .... OUF!

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Too sexy ...

There's something entirely sexy about training with a super fit male friend, especially one that can keep up with you, or even pass you.

I ran into AM, a member of the tri team that I trained with for six months last year, in the pool recently.

Sally: How are you? You still swimming as fast? Are you and Nick still dating?

AM: No, I've got a new guy ... [up pops the head of an evidently fit man]

AM: This is Guillaume. He's an Ironman too, like you.

So super cool! AM is now considering doing an IM herself with Guillaume's support. I totaly love seeing IM couples together ... who knows, maybe it'll happen to me one day too ... Yean, maybe I'll find the man of my dreams here ...

Whatever ...

Anyway, as promised, here are more pics of that Halloween party I went to ... (Oh yeah, ran once and swam twice this week, short and sweet but fitting it in). Planning to run and swim today too ...

Spidey had it good ... so many damsels to save ...

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