Thursday, February 26, 2009

Check-in #1

Alright, last I wrote, I told you all I was going to change my ways ... Here's the update:

1) I still haven't printed out my calendars as I have to dig up the program somewhere (stored on a disc) - NOT GOOD

2) I've tried to get out every day and do at least 20-35 min. of either running or swimming, with a few "off" days (i.e. shooting a commercial, total rest day due to a migraine) - GOOD

3) I can't believe a half hour of running can be so hard (OOF!) What happened to my cardio? How was I ever able to run a marathon, never mind an Ironman? For sure, I've lost my ability to run a marathon "any given day" ... maybe even my ablility to run a 10k! - NOT GOOD

4) I finally put the training tire on my bike so I can use it on my windtrainer - GOOD

5) My bike hangs like a piece of art from my bedroom ceiling while I lie lazily on the couch at night and watch CSI and Law & Order - NOT GOOD

6) I finally did a longer swim, 2050m, which obviously took more than 35 min. - GOOD

7) I'm finally getting lots of sleep (lots = recommended amount) and trying to establish a more consistent sleep/rest pattern, which I'll need when I get into full training - GOOD

8) I'm trying to settle into a routine every morning ... meditation, breakfast, computer or paperwork, then some training ... it's kinda working - GOOD

So far, the GOODS have it ... YAY!!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Looking for some discipline

Alright, now that I'm finally in the end stages of being sick for the third time since November, I figure that it's time to get crackin' again ... Though I've swam a few times in the past two weeks, I don't remember when the last time I ran and my achey legs are paying for it.

So tonight, I promise to print myself a little calendar/agenda and hopefully this will encourage me to be more disciplined with training. I've been so lazy and tired ... sigh.

Alright, no training program yet. That would be too masochistic and I would rebel. I'm just gonna use some common sense and listen to my body, not push too hard or build too fast. Good news is that I finally took my tri bike down from the ceiling to put on a training tire so that I can mount her on the windtrainer.

Let's see if I can't get these three sports going again. The experiment starts tonight with some stretching to get rid of this horrible achey feeling in my legs, very similar to how they feel during taper week before a marathon.

I'm ready to rock'n'roll!

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