Thursday, May 24, 2007

My legs are STILL sore!

No running, no cycling, no swimming today.

Catch up day for meetings, calls, paperwork and little things that pile up. Anyway, my quads still hurt and I thought it wiser to let them rest a bit longer. Alright ... the truth is, I didn't budget enough time for my tasks ... DANG! I really wanted to swim and cycle!!

Happy Belated Birthday to my wonderful friend,CM!

The evening's menu:

We started out with Sangria on the back porch ... appetizers were the orange slices as we finished our glasses ... Hic!

- Zucchini and carrot with garlic
- Spicy shrimp and baby chive omelet (chives courtesy of my mother's garden)
- Chinese sausages
- Thai scented rice

No room for dessert! :-)

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