Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's my birthday today ...

And I got to go snowboarding in the French Alps (pictures to come soon!) I must say, this was not a bad way to celebrate :-) Not much training during this vacation though ... Too many hills, snow and ice to run safely here on the narrow streets.

The food where I'm staying in Morzine, France, has been utterly delicious (= weight gain) and I will have my work cut out for me come 2010 when full training starts!

Before this vacation started, I unsuccessfully started the intense P90X home training program. It's an intense 90-day training program for fit people who want to get even fitter.

I managed to get through two days before I got sidetracked by work, kids, Christmas shopping, and holiday preparations. It didn't bother me that much actually that my attempt failed ... the P90X Fitness System was painful ... Actually, it was INCREDIBLY PAINFUL!! And I never felt so nul as an athlete. Both days, I cringed and then whimpered inside as I realised I still had more than 40 min. to go during each workout which lasts just under an hour.

I discovered muscles that I never knew I had, muscles that became so sore that I could barely climb out of bed or walk around. The day after finishing Ironman is a piece of cake compared to this!

Alright, back home tomorrow and back to building base ... and prepping myself mentally to restart P90X. DAY ONE, here I come ... um, eventually!

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