Saturday, February 18, 2006

Makes you think a bit, doesn't it?

My friend T drove me out today to Les C├Ędres where they had towed my car. We looked on the way there for signs of where I had crashed my car; I was scared to see it but we couldn't find the spot.

This is what we saw when we got to where they towed my car. My heart started pounding really quickly and I wanted to break down and cry but I didn't want to make T feel uncomfortable. Anyway, I was wearing mascara and didn't particularly fancy looking like a racoon, so like a tough Ironwoman Wannabe, I sucked back the tears. I truly realized at this moment how lucky I was to come out of the accident so unscathed ...

Here's a 360 tour of my car:

I thought I had crashed it before the turn-off to Toronto and Ottawa on the 40, but the tow truck man told me that it was on the 540, just after the turn-off and before going onto the 401. T and I looked again for "the spot" on the drive back to Montreal, but still couldn't find it ... In fact there was very little guard rail anywhere and I am lucky to have had the fortune to have crashed into one, stopping me from being hurled into oncoming traffic where I would not have had a chance ...

My neck and upper back hurt less today and my head still felt like it weighed heavier than it should, but overall, I'm doing FINE. Eric, the nurse at the hospital, told me that it would be good to go for a swim, and I think I might try that tomorrow. Three days no training for me ... that's a record.

I'm ALIVE !!!


Anonymous grommit said...

Holy Shit Batman..... is there any part of the car that didn't get totaled? Glad to hear you're feeling better.... Take care


12:31 a.m.  

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