Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Because I needed to ...

Last night, I went for a 25 km run on the mountain. Felt good to clear my head and overcome the inertia created by my sadness.

Total uphill = 8.8 km, total downhill = 8.8 km

The rest was flat, thank goodness! I could feel the lactic acid buildup in my quads as I hit the pavement coming off the mountain. Ugh. My quads are still sore ... but what can I expect from not having run for nine days, with my last run being a paltry 4.5 km? You may ask me, how do I do it, that kind of mileage out of the blue? Simple ... I don't think ... I just do.

Today, I swam. Jumped in the pool and did 60 laps straight, 1500 m. It was like meditation and pleasant like a stroll in the park on a sunny day. Then I cooled down with another 10 laps, 250 m. I would have swam longer if I had had more time.

Total swim = 1750 m

I feel my mojo brewing ... :-)

I checked out a film tonight Away From Her starring Gordon Pinsent and Julie Christie. She is a total babe.

I hope to have those kind of babe qualities at her age, 66 ... and if I'm lucky, maybe I'll actually qualify for Kona too since there won't be many women in my age category for Ironman ... well, maybe I still wouldn't qualify since I'd have to do the miles and that is my pitfall. Ugh.

Maybe I should just hang around, relax, sip tea, and just look good ... no, make that HOT.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this brought a much needed smile to my face today darling...sooo, you want to be a hot old chickie...funny.

12:30 p.m.  
Blogger Silly Sally said...

Oh, most definitely ... every woman, no matter what age, size, or race has the right to look and feel sexy and alluring. If you feel it on the inside, baby, it'll shine right through to the outside ... HOT! HOT! HOT!!

4:58 p.m.  

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