Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Was it worth it?

Yesterday, I had promised to meet JC at the pool but just when I was about to leave, I realised I had to shoot off some urgent changes to my webdesigner for a project I'm working on. What did this mean?

By the time I got to the pool, I only had time to swim for 20 minutes. A glorious and intense 20 minutes before the pool closed. I suppose it's better than nothing, especially when it's followed up by good company and a healthy meal at Aux Vivres on St-Laurent St.

Was supposed to do some computer work last night. Naaah ... I decided to catch up on episodes of "Sex in the City" instead. My friend loaned me all her discs. What a great distraction!

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Life was "quiet" today ...

Felt last night's two hours sleep during this afternoon's intense 40-minute afternoon swim after only 20 minutes. Argh. Had to push to stay moving until the end of the pool session. I didn't do too badly. I actually got a comment that I'm a fast swimmer.


I was just "comparatively" fast ... I feel my stroke getting more efficient. Cool.

Lots of work these days. It was nice to catch up with friends for supper.

What a boring post I have you reading, but it was a refreshingly and "comparatively" quieter day today, only five hours of frenzied work. Well, last night, I was up working at the computer until 5:30 am!

Why does it have to be so bloody cold this these days. As I write this, it is -20C outside. I was told today that this kind of cold destroys the epithelial cells of the lungs. Moreso than that, it just destroys my motivation to run outside ...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Man Swim Thong

There has been a lot of talk about swimsuits and bulges recently on my Coolrunning Multi-Sport news forum. I don't know why, but I am soooo happy that men don't go around wearing what Borat spoofed in his film.

I am Ironman

Today, I was driving, and a thought popped into my mind ... "I am Ironman".

Not "I am an Ironman" but ... "I am Ironman" ... I think I heard that phrase repeated by a series of athletes in a short documentary about Ironman and it somehow made an impression on my brain.

My reaction to this thought?

O-H ... M-Y ... G-O-S-H !!

I think about what I've accomplished sometimes, especially when I'm in periods like now when I'm almost back to slothdom, and I seriously can't believe what I've done.

Hard to train these days, been working too many hours and either staying up late at night or pulling all-nighters. Deadlines are killing me, and now I have yet another one for the same project. My brain feels fried. Sitting for long periods is still painful. My physiotherapist taped up my back to help me use the right muscles. My osteopath told me that my body is on the brink of exhaustion.

But I did slip in an intense half hour swim yesterday with my fantastically talented buddies Jonathan Clark and Martin Budny.

Here's Moon Over the City by Martin Budny ... incredible ... I would buy it if I had the $$$.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I would have if I could have!

Should have gone for a swim tonight and I wanted to ...

Should have gone for a run tonight and I wanted to ...


I've been at my computer all day long writing with a deadline screaming out at me, working on Draft #2 of that press kit, taking time out only to eat quickly, make tea, and take toilet breaks. Except for the occasional stretch or pacing break, there has been no physical motion on my part, that is if you don't count my fingers typing away clickety-clack-clickety-clack.

I always keep my nails super short because I hate those hollow tac-tac sounds and it slows me down. I used to admire a certain boyfriend that I had when I was younger who aspired to be a writer. Used to type like a machine gun going off. Now he's an executive producer of a popular Sci-fi television series and is still writing. Good. Gives me something to aim towards ... I've finally got his typing speed, now, do I have his talent?

Naaah ... I've got MY talent!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Not too shabby ...

- It was friggin' freezin'. Went snowboarding at Bromont with my swing dance friend DC. Only four hours total, two before supper and two afterwards. And of course, a short warm-up break too after the first hour.
- Took a bit to get used to the cold. Well, I think perhaps I got more used to it than DC. -17C, windchill factor making it more like -27C. At certain moments, that wind just whipped straight into the face ... wicked wind ... wicked cold ...

- I was supposed to run with some other runners in the morning but got an e-mail that it would be -19C with a windchill factor of -32C. I figured that was well below my limit so cancelled the group run.
- Made it out to the pool before it closed to meet up with JC, an acquaintance who just joined the tri club to which I used to belong. Swam at least a kilometre. No time for more. The lifeguard told me it looks like I've made progress. I told him I haven't really been swimming the past two months and not really that much actually after the Ironman

Nick: "You actually did the Ironman?"
Silly Sally: "Yup." :-)

Not bad, seems I'm "sorta" finding a training rhythm. I'm not doing long distances or times yet though, just trying to stay consistent.

Friday, January 19, 2007

WOW!! Two consecutive days of training!

Can't believe I was up at 6:30am. Heck, just a few days ago, I hadn't even gone to sleep at that time!

Workout #1 - Swim
- 40 laps front crawl
- 20 laps drills
- 20 laps front crawl

Workout #2 - Run
- a quick jaunt around the neighbourhood, just shy of 5km

Alright, I think I'm onto something ... Now the big question ... Do you think I can I keep this up?

This is my reality

I am a professional actor in Montreal, Canada. People glamorize the film & television industry but it isn't glamorous at all. The "poor starving artist" stereotype isn't a stereotype, it is the reality and most actors barely scrape by, even with odd jobs. We don't do this for the money, we do this for the love of our art. Our union is on strike ... why? Because of things like ...

January 19, 2007 - ACTRA Strike Update #2

Support builds for ACTRA's internet position

Support for ACTRA's position on the internet is growing in the media including on the editorial pages of Playback, Canada's film and television industry newspaper, and the Montreal Gazette.
Playback editor Mark Dillon writes, "ACTRA's idea to put the new media agreement on hold for another year is reasonable: another year of experimentation could only help everyone have a clearer idea of what's at play before both sides come to terms. In fact, before making a commitment that could look unfair in the near future, why not put it off until the Americans are willing to show their cards? Both countries will endlessly measure their respective agreements against the others, anyhow. In the meanwhile, negotiations could continue on a project-by-project basis." The editorial was circulated to Playback subscribers yesterday, and will appear in the print edition dated January 22, 2007.

An editorial in the January 12 edition of the Montreal Gazette states, "Canadian producers want to be able to use any movies and TV shows that have already been shot any way they like on the Web, without paying performers a dime. For new Internet productions, they want to be able to pay ACTRA members a discounted daily rate and use the stuff on the Internet for a year without any additional fee. The only way the actors would be well-paid would be if the production became a television show.

The editorial continues: "It was an offer ACTRA found easy to refuse. The union did, however, offer an alternative: Resolve all the other issues, and refer new-media issues to a study committee. That sounds like a cop-out, but it makes sense, too. It certainly makes more sense than jeopardizing a lucrative and glamorous industry for the sake of one that is still in its infancy."

On January 10, Globe and Mail TV Columnist John Doyle wrote: "Few actors or performers in Canada are well paid, let alone rich. They're asking for fair compensation, at a time when the TV, film and other entertainment industries are drooling at the prospect of making a ton of money from new technology.

"Too many Canadians have crackpot ideas about access to entertainment and media. They expect to get it for free. Unless, of course, it emanates from Hollywood. Then, many Canadians are prepared to pay, in order to ensure that Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts continues to get $25-million (U.S.) per movie.

"The vast majority of Canadian actors and performers are freelancers, endlessly looking for work. And being freelancers doesn't mean they have to work for free. No Canadian does, so actors and performers shouldn't be expected to do it."- John Doyle, Globe & Mail TV Columnist, January 10, 2007

More letters and indications of support are posted at:

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Most days, when I get up, I go straight to my computer. I am such an internet junkie. I log on and quickly check messages, the weather, and sometimes even my Coolrunning Montreal and Multi-Sport groups. Then I'll go make some tea and most often not eat breakfast right away. I'm rarely hungry when I first get up. Hmm, I'm not entirely a morning person, but always chipper none the less albeit my grogginess. I've sort of gotten used to my lack of sleep ... sort of.

On mornings that I have work to do on the computer, I'll get carried away and realise that I've skipped breakfast entirely, then it's suddenly time for lunch. That's when I'll eat breakfast.

And I usually do all this in my pyjamas.

I could spend all day in my pyjamas. In fact, on days like today when I am very busy, I stay in my pyjamas until I go out to train or to a meeting or out with a friend.

I love my pyjamas.

Went for a short run today, felt like moving my arse a little bit. Something about the busier I get, the more I do and everything starts to feed into each other, hiking my energy level incredibly. Perhaps it's just adrenaline, perhaps I just like the excitement of a million things to do ... Whatever it is ...

You know that expression: "If you want something done, give it to a busy person."

So that's where I'm at these days.

Get ready 2007 - Silly Sally is out of sloth mode!

Late Night, No Sleep

It's one of those nights when I should be sleeping but I just ain't! I think it may have something with the wickedly late hours I've been keeping for the past few nights. I should be more tired but I think I missed the window of opportunity much earlier today and now the adrenaline has kicked in.
Well, at I'm being productive. I've been on my computer "catching up". Ugh, nothing more fun than going through e-mails and trying to figure out what still needs responding or deleting. Started cleaning up my inbox, still have lots more to look at. Still have 401 messages in it. Then it'll be the sendbox where I have another 1076 messages to save or chuck. And that's just for one of my accounts.

I am a total computer geek girl.
And I am so happy that at Christmas time, I got some little novelty items from the Christmas crackers we opened before supper. Miniature Rubik's Cubes. I was such a geek girl in high school too (I haven't changed, have I?) and carried one around with me all the time. I used to be able to solve it so quickly. I can't do more than the first layer now. There must be the answer out there on the net somewhere ...

So I went to the pool tonight. The neighbour rang at my door and warned me that the tow trucks were starting to remove the cars from the road for snow clearing. Around and around I went, no parking, so I decided to go off to the pool! Figured I would have tried to get out later anyway, and why not this moment? The parking Goddess gave me a spot right by the YMCA. A good omen.
I slipped into the pool and was again, like usual, in total wonder that I can still swim. Swam 40 laps straight. Wanted to swim another 20 laps, but got a wicked toe cramp that wouldn't go away and had to bail when I had only done another 16.

So there we have it. Total pool workout = 56 laps
By the way, it is not advisable to leave your swim bag in the car in below freezing weather for long periods. All my toiletries were frozen.

Now if it weren't so friggin' freezin' outside, I'd be tempted to start up my running as well ... Doh, just checked the weather. I'll have no excuse for tomorrow. Gonna be a super nice day! YAY! Not like that -24.1C temperature we had Wednesday, without counting the windchill. BRRR ...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Late Night, No Coffee, No Training

Landed a last-minute urgent writing contract. 20-page press kit. What the heck, I can do that!

Got it Monday night at midnight and went through it - LATE NIGHT #1

Got up super early and been researching, compiling, and writing all day.

SHORT BREAK! Supper with the Montreal Coolrunners at Hurley's. Birthday cake for TurtleBoy, last-minute banana bread made by moi. Still warm ... yum yum.

Been writing since I got home and I feel like dropping. Eating chips and tea. Waiting for reply on my last edits and additions before I can finalize the "first draft" - LATE NIGHT #2

Waiting ... waiting ...


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gotta have a goal!

One thing about not having any particular races to train for is ...

I get L-A-Z-Y.

Well, not lazy with life things, I'm never that ... just lazy with training. It's something about all that miserably drab and gray winter weather that prompts me to stay inside where it's warm and cosy, where my bed will cuddle me during impromptu naps and long restful nights, and where my couch will willingly accept a visitor to settle down and watch a flick on the tellie.

Ahhh ....

Alright, gotta kick my butt, get out and MOVE!

But first, just let me take care of these work contracts, planning out my mega charity project, redoing the look of my website, playing with the kids, catching up with friends ... you get the point. Never a dull moment in my life - who has time to get bored!?

Saw my friend JC yesterday. Got to talking about training, i.e. how I would be able to run a 10k just like that even with my training hiatus. Heck, why not a half marathon just out of the blue. Hmm, would I be able to run a full marathon? Oh sweet darling, you know I would. This would be a ridiculous endeavour without any training but heck, "Would I" or "Should I" are two different animals and I don't recognize the latter.

Anyway, I am sure I would make it a blast and would be oh-so-happy to have that nice shiny medal at the finish line ... Hey, any marathons coming up this weekend?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just one of those days ...

I felt a little ill and very tired today. Caught up on some much needed sleep and it did me some good. Feeling sort of reflective today and had all sorts of thoughts and feelings racing through my body. Sometimes a strong soul has to learn to let go and just go with it ... just have a lazy day. Can't be "on" all the time, can I?

There is a version of "The Tracks of My Tears" by British pop artist Carmel from the late 80's, early 90's that makes my heart skip a beat and I need to take a breath. The production is stark, the voice pure and emotional, powerful yet vunerable. It starts out with some conga drums and is by far one of the best songs I've ever heard since it drives straight to my soul, just the right mix of melancholy.

Pity some bastard stole the only copy I had of it, a precious collector's interview CD.

THE TRACKS OF MY TEARS (W. Robinson / M. Tarplin / W. Moore)

People say I'm the life of the party
'cause I tell a joke or two
Although I may be laughin' loud and hearty
Deep inside I'm blue

So take a good look at my face
You see my smile looks out of place
If you look closer it's easy to trace
The tracks of my tears

I need you, need you

If you see me with another girl
Actin' like I'm havin' fun
Although she may be cute
She's just a substitute
Girl you're the permanent one

Ah, take a good look at my face
You see my smile looks out of place
Now look closer it's easy to trace
The tracks of my tears

Outside, I'm masquerading
Inside, my heart is fading
I'm just a clown
Since you put me down
My smile is my makeup I wear
since my breakup with you

Baby, baby, take a good look at my face
You see my smile looks out of place
If you look closer it's easy to trace
The tracks of my tears

Baby, baby, baby, take a good look at my face
You see my smile looks out of place
Just look closer it's easy to trace
The tracks of my tears

Baby, baby, baby, take a good look at this face
My smile looks out of place
If you look closer it's easy to trace
The tracks of my tears

Thanks, Carmel, for all your lovely music.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Backtrack to 2006 ...

Here are some pics I dug up ...

Ironman Canada Post-Race Celebration

Sean, me and MC - We are Ironmen!
MC and me

KillerChops and me

Dorothy Buder, aka Sister Madonna, and me

Sister Madonna. This woman is a living legend, a professional athlete and I am enthralled that I got to meet her. She did her first race when she was 49 in hand-me-down tennis sneakers, then years later qualified for the Boston marathon.

She was the first 75-year old woman to complete an Ironman distance race. Her time was 16:46:30. And a few years ago, in another Ironman race, she shattered her own world record at 14:27:14. Heck, she far beat my time!

To date, Sister Madonna Buder has competed in 37 marathons, 300 triathlons and 31 Ironman Triathlons, all after the age of 50.

By the way, yes, she is a nun.

"I see the finish line as symbolic for the Pearly Gates. You want to get there, and you want to know you have given all you have to give when you arrive," she said.

There are two video clips on this website that you MUST check out!

New York Marathon - JG and me!

I ran into a fellow Team Diabetes member from the East Coast. Cool, she snapped a pic of me from the back as I passed her later in the race.

By the way, the hoop earrings and make-up go with the cape. Nothing like putting on bright red lipstick while waiting in line for the buses to take me away to the start line on Staten Island. The New York Marathon wasn't about the Time, it was about the Experience. Have to go all the way, you know, baby!

Thanks Jen for your company and your smile! Here's a pic of us post-finish, just "chillin".

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back from Toronto!

Tuesday, Jan 2
The drive to Toronto was very happily uneventful. I always see it as a good thing not falling asleep at the wheel or even better, not colliding into a tractor-trailer! Glad I delayed the trip one day just to get some much needed rest after being sick for so long.

Just one thing though ...
Dear Mr. Jeep Driver,

Kindly refrain from sticking the nose of your vehicle up the arse of my vehicle. Neither Greta, my little Chevy Aveo, nor I appreciate your rudeness. And though you may want to pass the vehicle to our right much faster than I, your magnificent tailgating manouver is highly dangerous and will not make my little car accelerate any faster than she already is. As well, it is quite evident that you are behind me long before you get that close.

Your impolite and stupid tactic only shows what an arse you truly are and how little you respect someone's safety. Your action may serve to instantly gratify your macho impatience, but I personally believe that gratification means absolutely nothing in the face of death.

So please do try to be more of a decent human being and respect those around you. Be a smart driver.

Kind regards,
Silly Sally

Arrived at my mother's house in Toronto and gave her a BIG LONG HUG. By the end of it, we were both teary-eyed and emotional, both of us so happy to see each other after all these months, both of us realising that my mother was still alive for me to be able for me to hug her so tightly. I had not been able to get out to Toronto since she had her liver transplant, partly due to a busy schedule, partly due to my fear of driving the long distance.

Met my friend MC later that evening for supper. He's a 5-time Ironman and member of Team Diabetes Canada as well. Makes me wonder how many IM's I'll end up doing in my lifetime. Heck, my trainer and good friend Dirk is already up to 22! At my present rate of training though, I wonder if I'll even get to do Ironman #2 ... Sigh.

Wednesday, Jan 3

My mother and I went out for dim sum today. This was a huge milestone for her since it was the first time she'd gone out in public except to the hospital. A little craintive at first and wearing a surgical mask because of her immunosuppressed state, she quickly warmed up to the hustle and bustle of the restaurant as she enjoyed the delicious food, feeling a little safer that our table was tucked away in a corner.

Afterwards, onto Chinese grocery shopping. My mother strolled along the aisles, slowly making her choices. She hasn't been able [physically] to buy her own goceries since early July before the transplant.

Off to visit relatives afterwards. My cousin's kids are 6" and 5'10", tall for Chinese. What happened to me? Just kidding ... I am actually above average height for an Asian female.

Eating out, grocery shopping, and visiting relatives ... things we take for granted, things that my mother savoured today. I am so happy that with my encouragement, she felt brave enough to step out of the house and do more "regular" things. Yes, a huge milestone in her return to normal life.
Did some catching up with DM later that evening. D, the beard has GOT TO GO!!
Thursday, Jan 4

Quieter day. Went for a 5k run finally. My visiting aunt looked at me in my running gear and said I looked like a young student. Ahhh, the benefit of anti-wrinkle Asian genes.

Took my mother out for some more grocery shopping. This time, she felt more courageous and skipped wearing the surgical mask. I could tell my mother was happy to be out and about again, doing things for herself. She always enjoyed her independence.

Checked out some West Coast Swing dancing late that evening - pics to come, I promise!

Then off to see my long-time best friend, Sainte. I met him running in the hallways in my Scarborough high school when I was only 13. Seven times around the quadrant-shaped school equalled a mile. He was another kook like me that ran just to run and didn't belong to the track team. Boy was he FAST! He's done a marathon too, a long while back. "Never again," he told me ... He ended up losing his toenails. OUCH!

Years back, when I told him that I was planning to run my first marathon, he wanted to buy me my very own ChampionChip. I told him it wasn't necessary, I'd only be doing one race. He responded flatly, "Yeah."
Guess the man knows me too well ... Thanks Sainte for one of the most meaningful and thoughtful gifts I have ever received. I wear my ChampionChip proudly and know that you are there with me at every race.

Friday, Jan 5
Woke up with slightly sore quads. Argh ... I remember not too long ago being able to run 20k and barely feeling a thing the day after! Oh, I am OUT OF SHAPE!
Sigh ... Always sad to leave my mother ... I worry about her every day. She does the mother thing and tells me she worries about me too.
I stopped by for a little visit with JM before heading back home. She makes incredibly good chicken soup and matzah balls. Yum, yum. Thanks JM and DL for the generous donation to the Canadian Diabetes Association. My fund-raising goal of $7,500 has now been reached. YAY!Their nephew has Juvenile Diabetes and is insulin-dependent so they know first-hand how difficult this disease is.
Here is JM doing her favourite pastime. JM is so funny ... She always makes me laugh, she's such a character! DL, sorry you had to work and even sorrier that I couldn't visit you too!

It's such a small world. Ran into Zute, a cycling buddy, not only at a gas station but also at another rest stop, on the way back to Montreal. We decided to hang out together as we sat out the storm. Chevy Aveo's are way too light. Nothing like torrential rain, high winds and dense fog to quicken the heartbeat and get the blood flowing. Nothing worse than being passed by huge speeding trucks and fearing death from hydroplaning off the highway. Thanks Zute for keeping me company!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Can't believe another year has gone by, and what a year! Welcome to 2007 ... I'm curious and excited about what it will bring, and what I will make happen!

It's a funny thing about this calculator. I've owned it since I was quite young, perhaps about 20 years or so now, and I have never ever replaced the batteries. I keep thinking that one day I will try to turn it on and the batteries will finally be dead, but here it is, alive and well, ready to celebrate another year with the rest of us.

Had a great Indian supper with a good friend, BK. One of my all-time favourite restaurants is Curry House on Bishop St.

Got joined by another good friend, GB, who also takes care of my website. He told me the other day he'd be game to run a marathon with me in 2007 ... cool. He's also the one I'm trying to convince to do an Ironman with me in 2008 ... heh heh heh ... :-D

Ran into my friends LR & ML at the restaurant. Good stuff! As you see, they are really tall. Martin said that he could crouch down a bit, but I told him he didn't have to pull a "Katie Holmes" for me. I'm short and I know it. 5'4", taller than average for Asian actually and only 3" shorter than Tom Cruise. Heck, I'd just have to put some heels on to see eye to eye with him, but would I want to?

BK, GB and I went to a really fun house party tonight ... Thanks MJ - you rock!

Lots of good music, drinks, food and DANCING! Here's MJ, JC and I enjoying a sandwich.

Even Comet got into the act. He knows when there's a good time to be had ...

Thanks A for jumping into the shot!

Check out JC's photo website here. A must see! He's a fantastic photographer and just came back from China.

A pic by JC to wrap up the New Year celebration. Happy New Year!