Sunday, May 30, 2010

A difficult good-bye: May you rest in peace, Lyn

On May 14, an Ironwoman friend of mine, Lyn Duhamel, cycling with her triathlon team, was killed by an inattentive driver. This careless and tragic accident left three cyclists dead and another three injured, physically and emotionally.

No words can describe the shock and grief that rippled through the cyclist and non-cyclist communities ... and also through my heart. This was an accident that should have never happened and that left only devastation and immense sadness in its wake ...

I miss you, Lyn, and I still think of you several times a day. It's strange to know that I will never see or hear from you again, nor will I be able to train with you, nor will I be racing with you at Ironman Canada in August this year, a race that you convinced me to sign up for.

She'd popped up on my Facebook chat with the link to online registration for Ironman Canada:

Lyn: I know you want to do it.

(then after a few minutes)

Lyn: What are you doing?

Sally: What do you think I'm doing? I'm signing up!

Geez, you'd even convinced me to buy the exercise program P90-X, which I still have to complete (once my shoulder heals completely).

In the years that I have known you, Lyn, since my first Ironman in 2006, I have admired your dedication, generosity, kindness, discipline, fiery spirit, and sense of humour. You were my idol and I wanted to become more like you, and welcomed your unwavering encouragement, support and steadfast belief in me as a fellow triathlete. I thank you for your friendship and for being such an incredible individual.

Lyn, you have touched the lives of many, including mine, and will be forever remembered. May you rest in peace ... xoxo

From her obituary:

Lyn was a passionate triathlon and Ironman athlete. Her many achievements were completing five Ironman triathlons, Boston Marathon (2x) and many other races. She was training for the next Penticton Ironman Canada, B.C. She loved her dog Kona and two cats, Shiraz and Charlotte. She was an avid traveler but especially cherished the island of Hawaii. Lyn was a fiery, energetic, spirited soul who inspired many with her encouraging, uplifting, positive words. She loved and lived life to its fullest. She was a generous, giving and caring nurse who helped many deal with grief; an angel to all of her patients. Her work ethics were to be admired. Lyn was a fit competitor who loved to help and train others in attaining their goals.


Today, after months of not being able to because of my broken shoulder, I am finally taking out my road bike.

I will ride for you, Lyn, because I know you'd want me to.

You'd want me to get back onto my bike and train properly, and make you proud when I will race Ironman Canada later this year ...

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Blogger Lyn's mom said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.I will look for you and cheer you on in Penticton at the Ironman Race. Lyn will be right there with you inspiring you as usual.
Claire (Lyn's mom)

6:35 a.m.  

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