Saturday, December 31, 2005

Snowboarding with the kiddies

Easy cross-training day.

My kids and I went to Ski Bromont and snowboarded for a few hours. First few runs were a little icy and trying on the quads but then we switched over to the other side of the mountain. What a great night to snowboard ... No line-up!! Yup, it being New Year's Eve, everyone was somewhere other than on a ski hill celebrating with friends and family. My kids and I thought that snowboarding at Bromont was a great way to celebrate. Several snowmakers were on and we lost ourselves several times during parts of the descents. It was really cool, a little eerie and scary 'cause we couldn't really see where we were going for brief moments, but overall, quite exciting!

Friday, December 30, 2005

First Blog Post ... Yay!!

Double training day.

First a swim with my friend, David, at the YMCA pool. Started with a 200m breast stroke warm-up. After which, I lost track of the number of laps. I have to start to count these better. Did a whole bunch of kick drill laps, followed by just arms with that floatie thingy between my legs. Have to find out the name of that drill so I sound like I know what I'm doing. Started doing some front crawl laps, but felt tired. Dang cold dragging on ... I had finally been able to get myself up to 6 laps (150m) of front crawl the other day too! Another swimmer said that I should still try to push, so I did. Just alternated front crawl with breast stroke laps to give me a chance to recuperate. I think I swam for about 25 min. straight before doing some faster front-crawl laps to finish off. Just had to pass some of the other swimmers to appease my slow beginner swimmer ego. Good stuff!

David and I met up with JoeBoxter right after the pool to do a "Hell-Hills" run. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, sunny with no wind, and just brisk enough to feel super refreshing but not cold enough to freeze our butts. We decided to run "Da Hood" as part of our hill training, a.k.a. Camilien Houde for those who are familiar with Mont-Royal and the road that passes over it. David took the lead over the mountain (his long legs got him up quickly!) and JB and I followed at a much slower but consistent pace. Great climb, great run! Just over 13km in about 1:25 (including lights!) A little huffing and puffing just at the top for me though ... did you know I'm a bit asthmatic? Cooold air filling my lungs ... ouf!! Just a wee bit of effort to get my breath back properly, but the ice on the trees and the serenity of the mountainside made the run so worthwhile, albeit the maddening roar of the cars zipping by, so close to pinging us off ...

Needless to say, I think I'm going to be tired when I hit my pillow tonight.