Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three years, it's really been three years ...

I accidentally left my silicone bathing cap and swim goggles in the shower at the public pool the other day. Good thing or bad thing?

Bad thing when I wanted to swim and had to resort to using my "emergency" crappy goggles and latex pull-my-hair-out bathing cap.

Good thing when I went to my local sports store and purchased new swim goggles (my all-time fave is Speedo Hydrospex, clear), a new silicone bathing cap and ...

A new bathing suit!

I figured it was about time. I've had the bathing cap and suit for three years now. The bathing suit lining was torn in many areas and shredding in others. She's been through countless swim trainings and several triathlons ... she's had a good life! Goggles were only a year old but they were starting to leak and we all hate that, don't we?

Now on the running front ... I'm injured! My right hip has hurt every time I've run since my last accident (I've been totally ignoring the pain) but what with the recent increase in mileage and running four times a week, even walking has become painful! Argh! Week One completely off running and it's driving me nuts.

But at least I can still ride ... but of course, the city has not yet cleaned the streets properly and there is broken glass and crap everywhere waiting to puncture a tire or two or more (but not mine, I hope) so I've been riding my hefty mountain bike. Been okay so far on it ... sit bones are still getting used to riding (ouch!), legs feel a little sluggish and weak sometimes, but all in all, it's been nice getting out in the fresh air.

Just one word of advice though ... don't ride while wearing a thong.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Training to be a glutton

So, I've *tried* to be a good girl with regards to my training ...

1) I made up a rough training schedule recently (good) and printed it out so that I could revise it with more realistic goals. Unfortunately, it's still sitting on my dresser table waiting to be adjusted and I think I'm already past the dates that I already edited (not good).

2) I have though managed to increase my training (good) though haven't done nearly as much mileage and time as I've hoped (not good). I'm proud though that I did get in a 15k run last week as well as a 38k cycle (good). Today, what with these intense April showers finally letting up, I'm due to run an 18k. (good)

3) I'm still not getting enough sleep (not good). The combination of being a night owl, flaky artist and avid swing dancer who's recently had a lot of dancing opportunities doesn't help to contribute to consistent rest.

4) Though I've been eating healthily, it doesn't help that I like to bake and that I've been invited out to dinners like this (not good, but oh so good!):

Photo would have been taken earlier on in the meal but we got distracted by the Peking Duck appetizer then continued right on eating until I remembered. Note to self: Do not go to dinners like this with stretchy draw-string pants ... Ugh, I'm never gonna lose these extra pounds that have been slowing me down.

Alright, 4 x *good*, and 4 x *not good*. Am I just training to be a glutton? Mind you, I did dream of doing Ironman twice in the last week, if that counts for anything ...

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