Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sometimes a shout is ...

... better than a whistle or a bell!

Since my friend, Lyn, passed away, I've been even more careful about cycling for fear of being hit or something else happening to me. I usually try to take the cycling paths or quiet residential neighbourhoods, but even on the paths, there are enough stupidities that occur that make me shake my head in frustration ... like ...
  • a man cycling with his dog on a leash on one side of him, his son riding on the other side of him. Of course they're taking up the ENTIRE path.
  • couples/friends that insist on rollerblading together side-by-side
  • couples/friends that insist on cycling together side-by-side
  • adults that let their kids run freely onto or across the bike path
  • couples and groups of people that think bike paths are walkways
  • young teenagers who "park" (dump) their bikes in the middle of the path to take a look at something on the side
  • pedestrians who walk across bike paths and don't even bother looking at oncoming traffic. Would they do this onto a road full of cars?

Alright, enough venting, but I've had enough of sudden stops or slow-downs.

Good thing is ... I'm out there cycling more regularly now, and as of this week ...

I am OFFICIALLY in Ironman training mode!

Even made myself out a schedule, based on what I did for my Ironman Canada 2006 race. Mind you, I'm now jumping weeks ahead into the program and am praying to God that what I lack in aerobic base and strength, I will have in muscle memory and mental fortitude.

Yesterday, I rode 70k and swam 1700m (not as far as my schedule dictated, but it's the farthest I've been able to swim with my injured shoulder, and I'm feeling good!). The day before, I ran my first intervals, didn't push too hard, but nonetheles ...

Already, after just a few days of this more intensive training, I am feeling very tired and my legs are heavy and achy. Ooooh, I think this is going to be a long 11 weeks ...

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