Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Truant athlete

I admit I haven't been very disciplined this month with my training. A few short runs and swims, but hey, I lay in bed for days with fever at the beginning of this month so was out of the training loop for almost two weeks before I felt well enough to train, and now I'm sick again with another stupid virus, but at least this time, I'm not needing to lie down all the time from the wooziness.

So in these times of "non-training", what can I possibly write about on a blog about tri training? How about legitimate excuses for not training ... like a day of shooting?

This is a commercial shoot I did last summer. Here are some pics of the set and the production team:

More importantly, here is CRAFT ... the food:

On a long day of shooting, food, especially tasty healthy food, becomes essential to passing the time when one is waiting, waiting, waiting ... and then waiting some more.

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