Friday, October 24, 2008

They multiply like rabbits

I've been super busy these past weeks, obviously not finishing writing my IM race report that I'd promised everyone over a month ago, but painting and rearranging my home.

The difficult thing about painting two rooms in a very small apartment is the lack of rooms in which to empty these rooms. And with the arrival of a new mattress, the challenge got even more interesting with the hallway suddenly becoming a narrow corridor with a 7" wide footpath. Didn't help that all the boxes and furniture blocked all the baseboard heaters. Montreal in the autumn is not renown for its warm temperatures ... brrrr ....

But now I'm done! Well, almost ... still sorting and arranging, but I've got myself what feels like a "new" apartment with two rooms completely redone.

Wow, lookee here ... all mine!

Alright, it's time to make a trip to Sun Youth. Got tons of stuff to drop off what with my mega clean-up :-)

Of course, I kept a few pairs for training (can you see my bright blue orthopedic inserts?) and for hacking around in. I slipped on the spanking brand new pair (can you guess which ones?) and did a short 30 min. through the park. A-ok, even after not running for weeks. A bit tight though in the knee because I'm still having IT band issues. I didn't run super fast but my cardio's still got it! Yay!


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Believe it or NOT!

Sorry for the tardiness of my Ironman Louisville race report ... it's a little more than half done. Just had lots of interruptions in my daily life, like too many medical appointments. Physio, osteo, doctors ... sigh.

And my neck still hurts.

Been also in the midst of reorganizing my house and the rooms inside ... it ain't easy when there's no room for manouvre. I've been shifting furniture and other things back and forth from room to room to give me enough space to paint and clean.

Training, what's that? Tonight, I solemnly swear that I will go to the pool and take a break from all this chaos in my house.