Thursday, July 06, 2006

H-E-A-D-A-C-H-E !!!

Been working non-stop on my fund-raiser since after breakfast. Wanted to go out riding today and got ready in my gear early afternoon. Never made it out. I did try an attempt at going to the pool but just ended up going around the block deciding I wouldn't have enough pool time to do the whole swim workout on my schedule and also knowing that the wiser thing to do would be to finish up what I needed for my deadline tonight.

Did as much as I could before handing off to my website designer, Geoff. He's been so patient with me putting in all this hard work. I'm really lucky.

300m warm-up, slow swim - 7 x 350 m with 30 sec. recovery concentrating on pulling and pushing in the water, increasing in speed over the last 50 m

As I said, I got as far as putting on my gear.

I've been working too hard lately ... hardly any training and bad nights of sleep. Now I have a migraine and feel nauseous. Having trouble keeping my eyes open because the light off the screen is making me feel worse.

Just a little bit longer to finish the site ... then off to bed ... zzzzz


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