Sunday, July 02, 2006

Me and my Buddha belly ...

Me and my Buddha belly went to the beach today. I'd forgotten about him until everyone saw me in my bikini. Hmmm ... the effects of no kick-boxing since early February (my physiotherapist won't allow it until I heal more).

First real open water swim and it was COOL. Took the kiddies to Le Sablon, a man-made beach with a man-made lake. Swam back and forth within the confines of the corded off "safety zone" but it was still longer than any pool I've been in. I stayed as zen as possible and concentrated on relaxing and making myself l-o-n-g. I had to spot. I had to deal with waves, albeit small ones. I had to not freak out (entirely) at seaweeds and other plants (ick). I got to see the sun and clouds and land and trees. What a gorgeous day.

The water was a little chilly but I warmed up quickly enough. Don't have any idea of what temperature it was but was happy to be able to swim without a wetsuit. I've heard that swimming with one makes one very buoyant, so if I can swim bare Buddha belly, then I'll be rockin' when my wetsuit arrives.

I think I did really well. What a wonderful swim.

All in all, with three swims, got in about an hour and a half. My back is sunburnt, but I don't care ... today was just the right thing for a swim confidence boost.


Blogger Tuco said...

Yikes! My girlfriend's belly is nicknamed Buddha as well. I'm trying to keep up by calling mine "Confucious."
Looking through some of your posts, it looks like you're doing some incredible training for a great cause. Good luck with it.
If you have a chance sometime, check out my commuting blog at
Be well.

8:02 p.m.  
Blogger Silly Sally said...

Buddha belly has her own mind about food and is constantly hungry or thinking about food ... sigh ...

10:45 a.m.  

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