Thursday, July 27, 2006

Come to my party!

Cocktail fund-raiser with gastronomic tasting menu
to benefit the Canadian Diabetes Association

Wednesday, August 2, 2006 / 6 – 10 p.m.
$50 in advance per person / $60 cash at the door

540 Duluth Street, Montreal (corner St-Hubert)

A special Vertige martini, 14-course gastronomic tasting menu, the fun “Lock & Key” game, great prizes to be won, deejayed music, exciting dance demos

For more details and to register:

The Menu

Chick pea humus
Chipotled beans with aged cheddar
Goat cheese on yellow beets
Tomato bruschetta

Classic salmon tartar
Grilled shrimp with exotic salsa
Fried calamari with Asian sauce
Bites of white herbed fish

Stuffed won ton with duck confit
Beef carpaccio with sesame seeds
Curried poultry delight in filo pastry
Lamb kefta

Sinful mini chocolate lava cake

Fresh fruit brochette

Yesterday's training:

Swim - 40 min. non-stop front crawl. I counted my strokes while doing a really relaxed lap ... 16! I'm probably averaging slightly more than that, around 18 or 19, but just felt really good that lap. Or maybe I'm just getting better faster than I'm crediting myself.

Bike - warm up with the long slow climbs of Cote Ste-Catetherine, then twice over Camilien Houde. 1:30+ training ride.

Today's training:

Brick - 45 min. spinning, followed by an hour run

- I thought about my mother and about how difficult it must be for her right now, what she has had to endure both mentally and physically to get through chemotherapy and now to get through a liver transplant.

- She is at home finally. Her incision is like a T under her breast area, one foot across and half a foot down. Thinking of my mother humbled me and put me back into perspective ... no amount of pain or discomfort that I suffer because of this Ironman and all its training could compare to what she is going through. And she has not complained.

- I have so much admiration for my mother. She is my inspiration.


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