Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I hate when lousy things happen to good people!

After running around all day with my head cut off like a chicken, super hyped and working like a dog on the fund-raiser, I finally got ready to head to my friend's birthday supper. Wonderful night and enough Italian food to stuff an army. Great to meet K's friends and celebrate a special occasion. As expected, K was touched when she opened her present from me and saw the Mathesis Box that she's been desiring for a while now. A few others were intrigued as well, as they quickly whipped out their business cards and asked me how to get one of these amazing puzzle boxes for themselves as you can't buy these in a store ... yet.

So now for the horrible ending to a fabulous evening ...

K's car got smashed into and her laptop and MP3 player got stolen. She had hidden it away but the thief must have had a flashlight to be able to see any of the black case in the dark. Our suspicions were confirmed when just across the street, we noticed more smashed glass, this time tinted quite dark. Ain't no way you can see through that glass easily.

Sigh. Life can be really unfair sometimes ...

p.s. No training today. Thought about squeezing it in on the wind trainer when I got home, but thought it was better to spend the time with K who was quite upset.


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