Saturday, July 22, 2006

Discipline is not a word in my dictionary

22 km romp with Grommit on the mountain path and through the woods. G. had his headlamp, thank goodness, 'cause I tell you, it gets really dark after 9 pm. It was easy enough running on the path, but running through the woods was an entirely different matter. That little circle of light emanating from his headlamp sure helped to light up rocks and branches and roots, but it being in front of Grommit meant that by the time I got to that rock or branch or root, my foot landed in complete darkness. OOF! Grommit said "Isn't this fun?"

He told me today that we should train for and run something ridiculously long together, like a 100-mile race, and raise money for charity. Yeah, sure ... 100 miles ... LOL!!!

I have horrible discipline ... Was supposed to run and swim today, but the arch of my foot was still sore from last night - I had gotten a foot cramp while swimming earlier in the week and my run only made it worse. So I skipped the run and planned for a swim later in the afternoon. Got on my computer to do some work on the fund-raiser, and lo and behold, I was already late for the pool. So only a super easy breezy work-out today. Half hour swim, concentrating on gliding and pulling and pushing. I felt good. A member of my tri team who was there told me I look pretty smooth. Cool.

Caught the live feed of the Just for Laughs gala hosted by John Cleese in the VIP tent. He is just SUPER AMAZING. Grommit and I ended up sitting beside some fellow actors and their super fun friends ... We had a great time. Always a nice thing to share laughs with friendly people.


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