Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Climbing out of the slump

Alright folks, yes, I've been feeling in a slump recently. Too much on my plate with my mom's operation and other things to concentrate properly.

Good news! My mom is out of ICU and is healing well and in good spirits! Still a way's to go before healing completely but even the doctors are amazed by her rate of recovery.

One huge cloud lifted from my mind ... whew! The load is lighter :-)

No training, no time! Appointments both AM and PM then almost straight to set, just some extra work for a television series. Night shoot. Finished at 4 am, almost 12 hours later. Went to bed at 5am. Ugh.

Tried to make up for the lack of training the day before. 3.5 km swim sandwiched by a 10k run, followed very shortly afterwards by a 76 km ride. Over 5 hours of training. I should have brought food with me for after the pool. Almost couldn't run home - was STARVING!! So fun to get to ride with someone, nice change of pace. Thanks JR! Tried e-load as my electrolyte drink - A-OK so far ... tried Carboom strawberry kiwi gel - alright. Nothing to write home about ... just a little mention here. Doesn't come close to my favourite gels - Energice!

I should be asleep now. How come I'm able to stay awake? Am I an alien or something?


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