Friday, July 21, 2006

Slogging through the days

Thursday's training: nada

I haven't been a good girl. After a day of meetings and appointments and getting home at 7pm yesterday, I was exhausted and hungry, having only eaten a bowl of cereal and muffin all day. Not enough for one day, and certainly not enough to train on.

I made some calls and did some paperwork and skipped training, yet again. Had to meet a friend for supper and a show at the Just for Laughs Festival which we had planned to do over a week back. Can't cancel last minute now, can I?

Today: still have to train, had to go to a supplier/sponsor this afternoon and this morning, I worked on the fund-raiser. Who knows what training I will end up doing today ... All I know is I am up over my eyeballs in this Ironman training and fund-raising. Sooooo muuuuch wooooork ... I have to fund-raise as part of my commitment to Team Diabetes so that I can participate in Ironman Canada - if I don't, then I can't. And on the other hand, I have to train to even complete this event and can't fake my way through it like a marathon. Where is the balance? Which is the priority?

Both. Ugh. Not that either is horrible, just the two together is intimidating.


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