Monday, July 24, 2006

I have a surprise for my friend tomorrow ...

I have a really good friend named K. We met over ten years back originally and didn't know it until we met back up again earlier this year and figured it out. She's really cool and kinda like a soul sistah ... been through some of the same sh*t as I've been, but just a little older and wiser and more patient. She's been great to me - we laugh a lot together and I adore her. And I love our inside jokes.

I'm very lucky with my friends.

Anyway, I went to another good friend's house tonight to pick up her birthday present, a Mathesis Box. Geoff is my webdesigner and also an industrial designer. He took many years to develop this puzzle box - no sliding doors or levers - so how do you open it?

I showed K. this a while back online and she was enthralled with it. Wait until she gets one of her own tomorrow :-) Don't worry, I know she won't read my blog soon; she just moved and won't have the time. Hehehe ... I hid something inside.

Training: Ran to the pool, swam for 40 min. pretty well continuously, except when I had to adjust my goggles, and then ran back home. Running = 40 - 45 min., maybe about 8k or so. I might have ran faster than an "easy pace" but my legs felt surprising good and quick! Short easy training today!


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