Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh that dastardly snow!!

I want to go to Toronto today to visit my mother albeit the lousy weather. She could use the company and is only now just starting to regain a bit of energy from her chemo last week and is in less pain. I can actually hear her on the phone now. I know what it feels like to not even have the energy to speak above a whisper as I have too many times been in the hospital myself, but never for anything as serious.

So please say a little driving prayer for me today folks as I battle the snow and rain but hopefully not freezing rain. I'm going to try to be inbetween both cities when it happens and hope it doesn't fall inbetween ...

Lots of technical drills this morning at my tri club swim ... good stuff, interesting, and I'm sure it will all help me. My flip turn is getting better and I am sure I am shaving at least 3 sec. on every lap just with that. Good, good ...

I'm afraid to see my mother. I don't like to see her sick. I hate more to see her suffer, and I am sure you all feel the same way about your loved ones ... Wish me luck ... I hope I will be able to cheer her up a bit ... My gut tells me I will have to fight being reduced to a puddle of tears on the floor though. I have to stay strong ...


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