Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Did I count correctly?

Something about my couch is evil, PURE EVIL. I lie on it and I am out like a light. I should have bought some uncomfortable badly-made couch from IKEA or some other big line-production store instead of my synthetic down-filled one with luscious and very soft micro-fiber finish, well something like that, can't remember the exact specs. It came from Atmosphere on Mont-Royal, one of my favourite furniture stores, and was made by some small and distinct Quebec manufacturer. Quebec designers are #1. Hmmm ... if I only had more money ... I am like a kid in a candy store there ...

Needless to say, I missed my tri swim tonight. When I woke up, I opted for a swim in the local pool. After two breast stroke warm up laps, I told myself, "I wonder how long it will take me to swim one kilometer." And off I went. 40 laps and 38 flip turns later (skipped only 2 of them), I arrived at that distance and the clock said 19+ minutes ... then I realized that this pool is short a meter and a bit, so I swam another lap and came back. So let's say for argument's sake, (you here with me Dirk?) that I swam one kilometer in 20 min. Not bad for this wannabe Ironwoman who only really started swimming in November ... :-) Chops, you reading this?

Interesting how small the world is ... I met this guy T through MEETinMONTREAL last week and lo and behold, when I had to pass by my kids' school today, there he was. He's starting up an after-school sports program for the kids ... cool.

Now it's time for dinner ... where are those Kitchen Elves when I need them? I want the gourmet fixin's ...


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