Saturday, February 11, 2006

B-E-A-T !!!

Why am I writing at this time? Because I fell asleep cuddling my son on THE COUCH last night getting him ready for bedtime. In fact, both of us fell asleep. Maybe falling asleep on the couch is a genetic trait?

Been up for a while already getting ready for my big event ... LOCK & KEY ... What a day!

Got my pool time in, albeit short ... but it was sweet! Did some drills and wondered if I could repeat yesterday's glory. Using the pull-buoy and just doing arms, I was able to get across the pool in 15 or 16 strokes. I thought, "way cool", then I tried it just regular crawl, and you know what?



Yup, I was able to repeat it easily enough. So I figure, this being a pool that is a tad short of 25m, being just under 24m, means that I could probably get across the pool in 16 or 17 strokes. And that is a heck of a huge improvement over 24. Still don't have the endurance nor the speed, but I figure that will come. I'm just happy that my technique is finally getting me across the pool more efficiently.

Flip turns ... practised them a whole bunch of times. I have to learn not to shut my eyes as I somersault forward. I'm so afraid of that wall. Makes me think of kickboxing and when I have to block a punch. My automatic reaction is to shut my eyes, fearing the worse, but in this case one can't because you need to see to hit back. So I figure I have to learn to do my flip turns with my eyes open so I can reorient myself faster. I can feel it already, I'm going to be "good".

My guests are arriving today ... it'll be CRAZY in my little house! I still have all my event stuff strewn everywhere!! AAAAGH!!!!


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missing u

enjoy the party


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