Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I lost my favourite tuque today

I trained with my Tri team tonight in the pool. My coach had me counting strokes and told me to go slower with the arms. Alright, got it down to 22 strokes for one length of the pool. Got a ways to go still, but even going from 24/25 to 22 was something! Felt like I understood something tonight ... and that glide is finally coming along. Guess those drills are good for something! Yay! The advanced swimmers got tested today. Had their 1000m timed. One of our best swimmers did it in 16min. 47 sec. Wow. And she is a girl :-)

Went to my car in a rush 'cause I had a huge blind date tonight with MEETinMONTREAL for a French conversation coffee get-together. Yes, I felt surprisingly shy at the beginning! Me!! But I started warming up more when I realised that my idea of strip poker as a group activity was well-received. Somehow though I don't think the moderator of this social group would go for this activity if I posted it, and neither for the "If you can spell it, he can do it" Scrabble game. Where has the sense of adventure gone?

So I lost my favourite tuque somewhere in the pandemonium, and it so nicely matched two of my jackets. It's interesting how we can get attached to things so simple. After the social outing, I went back to where I had parked by the gym and looked everywhere. I was hoping that someone had found it and put it on a parking meter like how I put lost gloves on fence poles. No luck.



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