Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wow, what happened overnight?

The sleep gnomes must have come last night and sprinkled more of that Esther Williams pixie dust on me or something ...

Went to my tri club pool workout this morning and expected to do my test today (# laps in 10 min. continuous swim) but couldn't. Eric my coach didn't make it because of a clock malfunction, so we floundered a bit at first, like fish washed up on a beach. Then a beautiful wave, Anne-Marie, came up onto the beach and carried us back out to the ocean and we were all happy. Some of the swimmers did an unofficial 1000m test, and I got some really good tips from AM who is really something to watch swimming ... talk about grace. I want to be just like her!

Good news is that I reduced my stroke length across the pool from yesterday's low of 22 to an even lower 18, and this, I was able to repeat many times! Thanks AM for the tip about stretching and "piston action" - increased my glide incredibly!

Next step ... the flip turn. But first, glug, glug, glug ... practice makes perfect, right? Yeah, that is if I don't drown first ...

Eric showed up at the end of the workout and he and Roman and I went for coffee. Eric is a many-times Ironman and competed Elite. His Ironman marathon times were sub-3. Do you think if I hang around him enough, I could pick up speed by osmosis?

Roman, who is diabetic, gave me a book about the disease and showed me his blood sugar gage. He is a sweetheart and is concerned about my diabetic mother. It's so difficult for me to take care of her from a distance since she is in Toronto, but it will be easier knowing more about what she can do to help herself. Roman is a 66-year old retiree and gets out to every tri club practice and is quickly improving, getting into shape ... Kudos to him for getting out there and doing it!

How many people less than half his age just sit on their butts and make up excuses?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

talked about you last night with some women I was running with, both of them swim, and the consensus (sp.) is how difficult it is to learn later like we are doing..and to build endurance..thinking that we are runners and it will translate well to the way. I'm not giving up but wish I had mor time to practice..maybe eventually with the team in my area..I'll see. Take care..

8:35 a.m.  
Anonymous grommit said...

good morning sweetie
I looked for an update on your blog this am, no mail, guess you're busy....


9:33 a.m.  

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