Wednesday, February 15, 2006

That was a great nine hour nap ...

Drove Dirk to the airport yesterday morning, sniff, sniff ... Then I took David on a mini-tour of the city, up to the lookout on Camilien Houde and around the Plateau and then downtown. Ended up in Old Montreal for a little walk - Bonsecours Market is really interetesting! Go check it out ... all sorts of artisans and artwork.

We then went for a long swim session, about an hour and 45 minutes at a local pool. Practised my drills, including some that Dirk had given me, and then at some point, I told myself I would try swimming more than 50m at a time and do some continuous swimming ...

How cool! I relaxed my hips and stomach area and kicked slower, and for the first time, I felt comfortable in the water and was able to continue the bliateral breathing without wanting to huff and puff from exhaustion after two laps! I have no idea how many laps I went, but I just kept on going, probably because I was afraid this was all my imagination and if I stopped, I'd realise I wasn't swimming but just dreaming. I then added a flip turn at the end of my last bunch of laps and didn't drown! I was even able to find that same comfortable rhythm again ... Wow, I think I'm onto something ... maybe I have a chance at this 4k Ironman swim ... there's HOPE!

Went out for some great Thai food afterwards at Phaya Thai on Guy, I love that place, and came home, totally beat and totally full. I told David that I needed to lie down for a little bit first before we head out swing dancing. So I lay down on the couch, and that was that until this morning at 7am.

Ahhhhhhh !!!!! I needed that sleep :-)


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