Monday, February 13, 2006

If they bake it, they will come ...

Sunday night cake party went well ... five friends showed up to say hello to my friends from out of town D & D. Sorry folks, this is going to be a really boring entry but just wanted to say:


Now that that's done, let me tell you ... I've been BUSY! Only training has been on increasing my stomach size and also swimming with the two D's (and two very happy kids). Dirk sometimes swims underneath me like a dolphin to watch my stroke. He is actually surprised at my technique, that I haven't already drowned ... just kidding. He told me that I'm better than he thought I would be. We've now working on a few things to improve and also flip turns a wee bit ... more news as I progress with my drills, etc...

Oh yes, almost forgot, the two D's and I ran on the mountain this Sunday morning, 11k and joined up with some of my CoolRunning friends :-)


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