Monday, January 30, 2006

Experiment #1: Running with a thong

Running with a thong ... annoying. Not recommended, don't do it, folks. To the men, don't even try it ... well, unless you like that sort of thing.

Went for my swim session with my tri club. With drills, etc., swam about a kilometre and a half. Picked up something new about rolling the shoulders and making the hand dive. Hopefully it'll help me glide better. My coach, Eric, expects me to be able to sprint a lap in 16-17 sec. Yeah, right ... my fastest is 23 sec. There's a good reason why I am in the SLOW lane of the tri club.

Walking outside after the practice, I remarked how nice it was, mild and a little misty, so I went home, downed some juice, told myself I wasn't really "that" hungry, and went for a short half hour run around my neighbourhood. Felt great, and I was happy to have finished a good training day. Total training time: 2 1/2 hours. You'd be proud of me Dirk!

But ooooh ... now I'm paying for it. Full tummy, good supper ... sprawled myself out on the couch and watched some CSI on the tube ... oh my gosh! Fatal mistake! The couch! When will I ever learn!?!?!?!?

I've just made some tea and hopefully that'll get me through until midnight since I have some lines to learn for an audition tomorrow. I actually took the time to dry my hair after my bath tonight. I never dry my hair and I can't imagine having to do it every day, like the women I see at the pool. It's killing me just to have to wash my hair so often and shower so frequently every day, what with all this training, sweat, and chlorine. I'm not particularly girlie girl, though I know how to look the part and walk the walk. Tomorrow morning, I'll put on my make-up "professionally" then as soon as I get home, off it goes, so I can train in the pool!

I knew my work would interfere with my training sooner than later. Not that I mind THAT much ... 'cause work as an actor is scarce, so I am grateful, universe! :-) Can't attend my spinning class tomorrow night 'cause I play a reporter on a short indie film and they're shooting my scene.

Long live projects built on guts, dreams and passion!


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