Friday, February 03, 2006

Sink or swim ...

Whoever came up with that horrible expression should be hung upside down by their toenails and left in the hot midday sun for an hour or two.


Alright, had a bad swim tonight, 'cause frankly folks, I felt like a ROCK!! Yeah, maybe I was getting across the pool here and there, but what happened to the oxygen content of air, did someone just magically cut down the ratio? Or did the YMCA pool suddenly climb 1000 ft. in altitude?! Whatever, I just couldn't get comfortable in the pool. Maybe I'm still recuperating from my hard day yesterday ... maybe I'm just a lousy swimmer, which is more likely the case. Days like today, I ponder my decision to do this Ironman. Sigh.

But then too, I have days that I can't even seem to run 2k without wanting to go back home and call it quits. I've actually had many of those days and am in awe that I've ever done a marathon, period!

Maybe I should just let go of today's horribly long 40 min. swim. Maybe I should just go make some supper. I'm hungry. Maybe I should just go into the kitchen and hope that the Food Elves have taken care of me and set up some gourmet candle-lit meal. Maybe I should ask the Swim Gnomes to come during the night and sprinkle some of that magic Esther Williams pixie dust on me too.

Alright, I'm going into the kitchen now ...


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