Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pt.1: The Audition, Pt. 2: Guerilla Filming Rocks!

Had an important audition today ... Now, everyone repeat after me:

"Bonnie, you're perfect to play the role of Ms. Chang! I have no doubt that you'll land it, no doubt at all!!"

Told you I prettied up real good ...this is me looking corporate. Happy I took the time to blow-dry my hair last night as I would not have had the patience this morning. I was still trying to learn five pages of text.

Next on the agenda ... the indie film shoot and learning yet another bunch of new text. (Can you tell I suck at memorizing lines? Oh, why did I become an actor!) Small cast and crew, great intimacy. After getting kicked out of both Complexe Desjardins and Place des Arts (time was too tight to get a permit during the day), we lucked out and were allowed to shoot in Baton Rouge, that restaurant with the amazing ribs. (If anyone ever wants to go there with me, just let me know.)

Wish I had remembered my digital camera 'cause I would have had a great group pic to show you, and you could have seen me in my sequined top. Don't laugh but I decided not to go swimming this afternoon just to keep my hair nice. Well, I was busy with the fund-raiser too, you know ...

CK played another reporter/animator and it was a lot of fun bringing in the New Year with him (that was our scene). I first met him about 7 years ago and it was nice to get reacquainted with him. I told him about my Ironman project and he was incredibly supportive. I told him about my mother, and I knew by the softness in his eyes that he had his own story - his mother had just come out of a bout of breast cancer and was in remission. I knew he understood my pain and my fear and it was comforting. He understood why I race and raise money for charities. I told him about C.'s ignorant assumption that cancer victims will be fine. I could feel CK's outrage without his having even made a sound yet to react.

All in all, a good shoot. Kudos to Denise and Janet of Jade Pictures for following their bliss and believing in dreams ... and thank you to the wonderful crew.

Oh yes, no training today. Came back late from the shoot and found Mr. SB on strike ... a little miffed that I chose to run last night instead of keep him company during CSI. I called my mother and and found out she starts her chemo treatments next week ... sigh ...


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