Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm sitting here in a towel

Why? Because I went to check my e-mails right after my bath and lo and behold, there was an article from Asianwave that needed editing, RUSH! I looked at it, thinking I would get back to it later, then I don't know ... here I am 40 minutes later, the article is edited and I'm still sitting here in my towel.

So instead of getting dressed, what do I do? I do the Good Wannabe Ironwoman Blog Thing and write today's entry. Good thing I'm active when I finally get out of the house. I spend hours in front of my computer at home sometimes. Today it was to work on my fund-raiser, make calls to sponsors, and also write another article for Asianwave. Seems that I'm getting more involved with this writing stuff ... Hmm ... Do I like to write? What do you think?

Well, ran to the pool and back tonight. Nice evening for 40 minutes of running, crisp and refreshing. Some spots were quite slushy though, like the corners of the streets and I felt weary for my ankle as I have stopped wearing my brace when I run, trying to strengthen my ankle, you know! Pool workout with my tri club was still difficult, tiring. I asked Eric, my coach, how he thought I was doing and he said "Fine, it's coming along." What I really want to know though is "When will I get there !?!?"



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