Saturday, February 04, 2006

I got some AMAZING news tonight!!

I just spoke with my mother and she had some good news for me ... the doctors don't think she will need a liver transplant after all, which increases her chances of survival incredibly!! I don't have the full scoop yet, but tonight, my mother sounded better than she has for a long while and we are both looking forward to many more years for her ... Everyone now ... cross your fingers and say:

"Mei, you're going to be fine!"

Nothing like the power of positive thinking ...

Alright, have to head to bed since I've planned a ludicrous training schedule for tomorrow. And you know what? The time you see for this blog entry is not the real time ... I don't change the time often, but I didn't want to be chastised ... again ...

Tonight's swim = not bad, not bad ... I thought I was rubbing sleep out of my eyes this morning, but maybe those Sleep Gnomes took pity on me last night and sprinkled a couple of grains of that Esther Williams pixie dust on me. (Should I leave them a note asking for the full body powdering?) I started getting a rhythm, albeit a strained one, at different points during my swim.

Swam around cones today for an hour using the perimeter of the pool. What an experience ... no wall to push off, going round and round, people's arms and feet everywhere, bodies colliding, especially around the cones where I almost got "run over" too many times. My coach Eric told us to take advantage of drafting ... that principle might work for the others but their regular stroke is my fast one, and that pace, baby, I ain't gonna try to do 20 X around the pool (equals 40 laps or one kilometre) Just not drowning is enough work for me, never mind thinking about speed. SLOW and EASY I say!

Big question is how much chlorinated water can one drink before becoming ill? Eric told me to leave some for the others. He also made a comment about how my running will get better with the swimming ... you bet your bottom dollar sugar! Witness, the Hell-Hills run last night ... I did not have to curse once!

Alright, time to turn in ... I dare you to take a wild guess at what the real time is ... person who guesses within 5 min. wins lunch on me :-)


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