Sunday, April 16, 2006

My first brick

Ohhh, I'm falling behind with these posts!

Alright, I had something really nifty planned out for last Friday's post, but now it almost feels like a moot point. Hmm ... well, I cycled last Friday. Saddle hurt still, but a little less. Managed 35k. Took more time then I wanted but still felt a little wobbly and unsure on Freida, my trusty road bike. Almost got hit by some stupid motorist pulling out from the curb who failed to look at her blind spot. My near blood-curdling scream paralyzed her for a while as she did not move the car for a while even after I passed her ... (I looked back, afraid for everyone else). Then I went for a quick dip in the pool and got in a 40 min. swim. Tiring day, but good overall.

Saturday = read last post

Sunday's training: Cycled just a bit farther today - 40k. I was faster than Friday, that's for sure, but not as fast as I'd like to be! I suppose it will help once I'm not dealing with as much traffic and pedestrians. An open well-paved road would be nice too. Can't believe the condition of some of Montreal's roads! (Actually, I do believe it, been here for 19 years and things haven't changed.) Drafted behind some gentleman for a couple of minutes. Boy, it sure makes things easier, but I felt like I was lazy and cheating, so I passed him and continued on my merry way.

You know, that bike path up by the north shore is actually quite pretty. Did you know there are rapids there? I thought about what it might be like swimming in it if I happened to slip and fall into the water ... Brrrr!!!

Well, I would have loved to have gone swimming after the cycling, and my original plan was to do so, and even run to the pool, but I suppose riding in the rain and cycling farther than I originally planned nixed that idea. I had had enough water for the day and there wasn't much time left before the pool closed, but I thought at least I could still run.

Whose legs were those? I have read that it happens often after cycling, that feeling of not recognizing one's own legs. Now I understand it, and though I felt like my legs were made of lead, managed to pretty well do the same time for the distance. Ran for a half hour.

Yay, I've completed my first brick workout (cycling followed directly by running).

Cool moment of the day:
A young chap all geared up in his team cycling clothes riding his fancy schmancy road bike waved to me as we crossed paths in opposite directions. Did I look like a "real cyclist" all geared-up in my non-team cycling clothes with my less fancy schmancy but well-loved Freida? I hope so! COOL!

My fear:
That I will be found out and people will know that I am a fake runner, fake cyclist, and fake swimmer. I have all the nifty gear and I suppose I "look" the part but sometimes I wonder what the heck I'm doing!


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