Tuesday, April 11, 2006

To sleep or not to sleep ...

I actually got 8 hours sleep last night, which may not have been a good thing. I got up and felt all relaxed and then did this really tall "cat stretch" ... OUCH! I felt a knife jab me in the back. Bad move, bad move.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, nicest we've had all year and I could not take advantage of it - my back hurt way too much and I didn't want to risk further injury. Good thing I already had an appointment with my massotherapist booked.

Great massage! I think I exhausted him with all the knots in my back. We figure the right side of my back gave out due to compensating so much for the injured left side. I asked him if he could make me well enough to cycle later tonight and he laughed.

Then I went off to eat a scrumptious Indian meal with my good friend B. at one of my all-time fave restaurants - Curry House on Bishop St. Ate way too much ... I'm trying to carbo-load for the entire summer, ya know! My tummy hurt as we walked around afterwards. I almost regretted having eaten so much.

Then off to my tri team meeting to talk about summer races ... I'll let you know when I confirm my first triathlon entry. The meeting went too long to take advantage of the pool afterwards. Drat.

So day off today, no training.

I chatted tonight with one of my best friends:

Sainte: How are ya?

Bonnie: hurt myself this morning stretching, felt something pull

Sainte: not good

Bonnie: day off from training
Bonnie: had a massage and there were so many bloody knots in my back
Bonnie: my right side has been compensating for the left

Sainte: your body's way of telling you to take it easy for a while

Bonnie: yup, for today

Sainte: [rolls eyes]
Sainte: well, sorry about your pulled muscle ... hope it's feeling better soon

Bonnie: it's better, but there are still so many bloody knots
Bonnie: my massotherapist couldn't believe it!

Sainte: you should listen to your body when it talks to you in this fashion

I love my friend!


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