Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's GONE!!!

Well, that was a pretty savage headache. Worse one I've had since that 3-week incessant migraine I had right after the accident. So I'm finally filling in the form for the SAAQ regarding claim for compensation and I take the doctor's report out of the envelope. "Concussion" - oh that would make sense now, the headaches ... wish I had been informed ... guess she didn't want to worry me too much? Argh ...

Training tonight:

Run to the pool, swim, and run back home.
Total running = 40 min., slow 6km
Total swimming = 50 min., sprint night ... agh! I haven't sprinted since before the accident ... ouf!

Sometimes when I'm in pain, I don't know if I can get through this Ironman training ... and times like now, when the pain finally goes away, I'm alright again and almost feel like I never had the accident, except I did, and that will never change. I still see it sometimes, too often in fact, and wish I could finish healing quicker.


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