Monday, April 10, 2006

A good night's sleep is always wonderful ...

Saturday's training:

I can't really say I did any real training. Dipped in the pool for all of 20 min. Did a bunch of laps and tried to remain conscious of what I was doing underwater ... have to figure out what to change in my technique to get me farther on the same amount of energy.

What a lazy day ... even fell asleep beside my son Toulouse while he was reading and I was cuddling him. Then while I was snoozing, I felt him cosy up to Garnotte, his bear that I was using as a pillow ... the joy of motherhood :-)

The kids and I watched Shrek 2 last night, well more like they watched it, and I "tried" to watch it but I kept falling asleep. After the film, I sent them off to bed, and lay down again on the couch and that was that. I intended to do a spinning session after a short nap but woke up the next morning 9 1/2 hours later. Guess I needed the rest after several days of headache followed by several days of gastro.

Sunday's training, a much better attempt:

40 min. swim. = 6 laps warm-up, 6 laps kick drill, 10 laps pull-buoy, 40 continuous laps front crawl (1 km) = 66 laps ... not bad, not bad. I think the lifeguards were ready to kick me out of the pool as I was the absolute last one in it. Even my sons had gone to shower and change 10 min. earlier.

1.5 hour cycle with Mr. WT and Freida (I'll post a pic soon so you'll know who I'm talking about!) and watched one of my all-time fave movies "Love Actually". I liked this film so much I went to see it twice in the theatre (which I never do) and then bought it. Absolutely delicious blend of sad and happy, hope and romance ... call me a sap or a fool for melancholy ... Mr. SB was sad too tonight because he's been displaced ... sorry!

Confession: I did a little too much sitting straight up on my bike tonight not out of desire but more out of necessity. A cyclist friend told me recently about a problem men have about losing feeling "there". I only wish I had that problem ... OUCH!!

Hey, did you know that one should eat within an hour of working out? There's more to that than I will explain here but maybe in another post ... Anyway, you get the gist. Well, I'm off to munch on a bowl of cereal then soak in the bath.


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