Monday, April 03, 2006


Alright, now that I've griped, I feel better now. Well, not really, but at least someone knows. To those who have been following my progress after the accident, well, I have to confess that I still get daily headaches, just in varying intensities and duration ... sigh. And right now I have a doozy. In fact, I've had it since yesterday. Ugh. Sure brings the productivity and creativity level down.

Alright, tonight's training. Easy, since it is a recuperation day. 30 min. visit each with Mr. Pool and Mr. SB. Made them both happy :-) I worked on drills in the pool and finished with a 500m swim. Real gentle cycling afterwards. It still feels like I'm working hills all the time though and wish I had more $$$ to get a real spinner. Mr. WT will be arriving soon though ... who's he? You'll just have to wait and see ...

By the way, no hip pain like after last Thursday's hill run, just some quad soreness from yesterday's run. Hey, I'm not doing too badly!


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