Friday, April 07, 2006

You better watch it, I hear it's going around ...

Gastro. My tummy hurt yesterday. No training. I lay on my couch and watched CSI and even went to bed "early".

Today's training - Quite another story!

Had an amazing swim. 12 laps warm-up, 8 laps kick, 10 laps arms/pull-buoy, 80 laps front crawl (that's 2km non-stop!), 6 laps cool-down, breast and back stroke. Making a grand total of 116 laps or 2.9 km. Not bad for a recovering girl ... but I really have to work on my traction!

Was supposed to run and even told the CoolRunners I was going to but I wussed out (pouring rain ... phone call, blah, blah, you know). So I dug up my old bike wind trainer from the cellar which I haven't used for 10 years of so. Mr. WT met Freida for a 45-min. encounter, but darn that saddle!


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