Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Beware of muscle relaxants ...

I took this super duper muscle relaxant last night before heading to bed. These were left over from the prescription that I was given right after the accident. I thought it would help my sore back, and it did ... but it CONKED me out!! And unfortunately also kept me asleep way past my alarm ringing this morning. Ooops! Missed that appointment.

But as I said, my back is better :-)

I started gearing up to go cycling this afternoon but was interrupted by a call from my agent. "Quick, quick, they want to see you at this audition. How fast can you get there?" I got all prettied up and then off I went ... Wish me luck on landing that commercial!

So, no outdoor cycling today, though I plan at least 45 min. with Freida and my windtrainer after I finish writing this. After the audition, I went home and took off the make-up. What a waste again of a good make-up job - no Happy Hour, no supper with a friend, nada. Just a run to the pool, swim with my triathlon group, and then run back home.

Run = 40 min.
Swim = 1 hour, 70 laps, 1.75 km
(4 laps warm-up, 8 laps pull-buoy, 12 laps kickboard, 2 x 20 laps front crawl, 6 laps cool-down)

Alright, I just got off chatting with Dirk, my trainer. No cycling tonight. He told me to get some sleep since I'm still recuperating ... I can cycle in the morning. He's right ... early to bed, early to rise. And he made a very valid point - the Ironman doesn't start in the evening.


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