Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's like they've never seen a skimpily-clad woman before!

What a day! Bright, sunny and "hot"... well not summer hot, but hotter than this particular time of year is supposed to be.

I went for a 12k run on Van Horne and thereabouts. Figured running to the dentist to meet the kids (with their father) was killing two birds with one stone. One major glitch though when I got there ... they had shown up an hour too early and had already left. Great. [this is sarcasm here for those who don't recognize it from me through the internet]

So ... back up and down the Van Horne hills (yes, this is a hillier street than I remembered it to be). What a difficult run.

Not enough sleep last night + tight legs + sudden heat = OUF!!!

Good thing I actually had a singlet on instead of running just in shorts and sports bra as per my usual warm weather fashion. I've never understood that guy-hanging-out-the-car-window thing that men do ... ugh.

Dropped in on some friends on the way back to check out their rooftop terrace on which I've been invited several times to sunbathe nude. They have this great hammock and I will for sure take advantage of their offer to hang out with them this summer and just relax (dressed ... of course! I'm a prude!)

Ran back home from their house after the 15 min. "hello" break and hopped into my car, intent on not being too late for swim practice. I look desperately for parking and settle on a spot with a meter, feed $$ into it and dash off into the YMCA and downstairs to the lockers. I pass by the pool ... where are my teammates? Who are those people jumping up and down doing those silly-looking aerobic moves in water? Doh! I'm early!

I go across the street and happily get a much-needed coffee and yummy almond croissant. Wow, a newspaper ... when was the last time I had time to read a newspaper. But I end up chatting with my triathlon trainer instead who was getting something from the café at the same time. Cool ... he might let me join him for a 180k ride this summer. Wonderful, I'll have someone to draft behind all the way ... ;-) [this is not sarcasm but glee]

So swim practice consisted of:

- 300m front crawl warm-up
- 2 x 200m kick
- 4 x 200m pull-buoy fast
- 200m back crawl

And then I decided to stay a little longer and practise my front crawl. So got in another 500m.

Total swim = 2.2km or 88 laps.

Not bad for a day's training. Tomorrow, cycling ... if I manage to wake up. I really have to get to bed earlier! (Yes, Dirk.) But I still have a ton of things to do ... sigh ...


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