Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Food is forever on my mind

Was lazy yesterday ... only ran about half an hour. My legs didn't feel as heavy as the day before though, but I hadn't cycled before. Went out afterwards and stuffed my face in Chinatown with a friend visiting from Ottawa. It was fun to introduce him to more authentic dishes such as Ma Po Tofu and watercress soup. We also had baby bok choy and crispy chicken. Just love those shrimp chips ... Mmmmmm ....

Today seemed to be "phone day" because it would not stop ringing and even the call waiting was kept busy. Some days, I feel like people have forgotten all about me, well not today! Actually, a quiet phone day would have allowed me more time out in today's magnificent weather, but alas, this busy girl only got in an hour cycling before physio, which went again like this - OUCH! When will I heal!?!?

I had wanted to go to spin class with my tri group tonight, but wussed out. "Saddle problems" so I thought maybe I'd give myself some time off. I went to the pool instead. Only got in 40 min. though because just as I was getting ready, I felt ravenous and had to wolf down a bowl of super sweet and crunchy corn puff cereal. Don't know what got into me to eat kids' cereal, but it was stronger than I was and made me late for the pool. No wonder I'm not trimming down ...


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