Sunday, April 02, 2006

It's not the biking that's hard, it's the saddle!

So, good training day today ... YAY!

Planned to meet the Coolrunning gang for a morning run, and of course, my not hearing the alarm go off this morning made me dash out late. I pulled up to the "start point" of the run and saw everyone, amazed that they were all there. I pulled Greta my car up as close as possible so that I could scream at them to wait for me while I parked, but what I thought was a gravel embankment leading up to a curb was preceded by a huge pot-hole into which Greta's wheel went. The bottom part of her bumper (which protruded out from the real bumper) collided with the little bit of curb that was not covered by the gravel. CRACK!!

Well, the ugly noise of plastic breaking certainly got everyone's attention. Grommit passed me the bits of my bumper and I drove off to find parking. Sorry Greta, please forgive me ... I swear, I'll glue you together soon and stick the bumper back in its place. No one will even notice unless they look under you ...

Well, the five of us, Chops, Grommit, Roly, TurtleBoy and I, headed out down the street and into the woods. Alright ... I didn't know we were trail running today ... The trail was horrible and was still icy! TB and I took it conservatively. Ain't no way either of us wanted to worsen our injuries. Ice = walking. The others ran/walked ahead throwing caution to the wind.

TB and I came to a turn ... where did the others go? Long story short, we tried some trails and looked for them, saw some great views, since of course, this was a trail that climbed Mont-Royal, and then concluded we had been ABANDONED. Waah!

Blessing in disguise, blessing in disguise. TB and I made our way through the paths and happily onto pavement where we headed over to St-Joseph's Oratory. What a steep climb behind it! TB poked fun at me when I decided to walk 10 ft. after the steepest part. Hey, I'm not ashamed ... I'm not going to kill myself so soon after starting to run again! Let's wait a week or two ...

We ran Summit Circle + "figure eight" and some other streets - nice $$$ neighbourhood. Wish I had a house there, but I don't think I even earn enough to pay for the real estate taxes. Next year, yeah ...

Made our way down Belvedere to Cote-des-Neiges and crossed over to climb Camilien Houde to the Beaver Lake chalet where we ran into fellow Coolrunners from the super fast Boreal running club. After a short break, off we went around the lake and back down the mountain path. TB dropped me off at my car and headed back to his gym, which was another 4km or so away.

Good run, TB, but I didn't expect to run 2 hours. I think we must have run about 17-18 km. Hills, at that! Way more than I bargained for, but very happy with the return.

Went home, pumped up Freida's tires (she's my racing bike) and took her out for her first ride this year, a 40-min. spin. I would have liked to have gone longer but:

1) the bike saddle was killing me
2) there was broken glass and other junk all over the roads and cycling paths left over from winter still
3) TB and lunch in Chinatown were beckoning
4) the bike saddle was killing me
5) I still had to fit in a shower

Met up with TB and DragonRouges (surprise!) for a scrumptious Chinese lunch ... yum, yum. Though I think I could have wolfed down even more! Guess that's what a long run does to you. Afterwards, I dropped in on some friends and promptly made myself comfy on their couch where I could have slept, and almost did, except they made me get up and do some social dancing.

Then I went to the pool for a half hour dip. Cool ... Nick the lifeguard, who used to be on my tri team commented on my perfectionist swimming technique and how I've improved incredibly from the last time he saw me, which was before the accident. I still have some things to work on but ... Woohoo!!

Now all I want to do the rest of today is vegetate, and lookee here ... Gray's Anatomy is on at 10pm. Sorry, Mr. SB, but you ain't gonna get any action tonight. Freida needed the attention more.


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