Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm a dancing queen!

Whoa! Got back from Ottawa today after a weekend of dancing my favourite dance, West Coast Swing, with this gentleman and champion, John Lindo.

Check him out here with Debbie Szekely, another champion in a fun winning dance:

The weekend included five hours of dance instruction (I skipped the last hour to hang out with friends from Ottawa and wolf down lemon cake and coffee) and a solid six hours of social dancing. And when I finally got back in Sat. night around 2am, I STILL wanted to dance!

Good thing I only managed to slip in a non-taxing 15 min. friendly jaunt around the neighbourhood earlier that morning. My lovely friend, LP, who was hosting three of us dancers said to me before I headed out, "Oh, why does that sound familiar?" Of course, she was referring to my statement of "Oh, I think I should go out and run a bit ... I have a marathon coming up in two weeks and I have to train." After any years, she's getting to know me.

Actually, I was a good girl today ... met up with Marcus and GB for a misty run on the mountain. Finished the 11k in pouring rain, but we were all happy. I suppose Marcus finished his 21k in torrential rain but we wouldn't know - GB and I were already in our respective cars heading back to a warmer and dryer home.


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